Our Vineyards

Oakbank, Nairne, Echunga & Charleston. Our vineyards are curated with an unwavering focus on excellence in viticulture.

Situated in the Adelaide Hills Wine Region, 380m above sea level, our climate is significantly cooler than the more traditional regions in South Australia – on average 4 degrees cooler during the day and 8 degrees at night.

And, of course, this cool climate, the level of rainfall and soil type all impart key attributes and characteristics to the wines.

The cool, dry summer and autumn ripening conditions produce grapes with ideal fruit concentration, spectrum of flavour and natural acidity.

Rainfall varies quite dramatically across the region, ranging from 1400mm at Mount Lofty down to 850mm at Charleston, which is only 10km away.

Soils throughout the region are also highly variable in structure and chemistry. They can be described as a mixture of sandy loams, loams and clay loams over clay subsoils that vary in structure. It is not unusual to find these soils combined with shale and ironstone. The differences in topography and soil type can affect wine growth and this contributes greatly to wine styles.

The vineyards and environmental conditions are curated with an unwavering focus on excellence in viticulture. Hand-picking and fruit selection play a vital role to ensure that only the best fruit is grown and used in Sidewood wines. And the 120ha of vineyards are carefully manicured to ensure the fruit flavour profiles are at their peak when harvested.

Sidewood’s hard-working viticultural team led by Vitiworks directors, Mark Vella and Peter McIntyre, use best-practice viticulture, ensuring the sustainability and health of the vines throughout the season. They have been a vital part of the Sidewood team since 2008. Mark and Peter have a combined experience of 35 years in the wine industry with more than 25 years in the Adelaide Hills region. Alongside their qualified viticulturists, dedicated machine operators and experienced labour crews, Vitiworks ensure the highest level of management within the Sidewood vineyards.