Our Environment

Sidewood Estate is the largest fully Entwine Accredited
sustainable winery in the Adelaide Hills.

Sustainability And Our
Love Of Craft

Sustainability and a concern for the environment are high priorities for everyone at Sidewood Estate. Their livelihood depends on preserving their environment and keeping soil quality at its highest. Adapting to changes in climate and future-proofing the land are all part of Sidewood’s agenda.

Sidewood has implemented many sustainable and environmentally friendly practices across its business. As a result Sidewood Estate is now the largest fully Entwine Accredited sustainable winery in the Adelaide Hills.

This accreditation is through the Australian Wine Research Institute and Freshcare, and reflects Sidewood’s dedication and commitment to sustainable practices across the entire vineyard portfolio. Entwine Australia was set up to support growers and winemakers demonstrating and improving sustainability in their business practices through the Australian wine industry’s sustainability program.

Some of the ways Sidewood Estate is caring for the environment:


Running sheep through the vineyard over the Autumn / Winter maintains pasture, removes hard to kill weeds and returns organic fertiliser back to the vineyard. This also reduces chemical input, machinery operations and labour to manage these areas over the winter months.


Our advanced monitoring and timing systems ensure we save water where it’s most needed.


Maintaining permanent pastures for increased insect biodiversity.


Continually changing products and using softer products that have minimal / no effect on the environment.


Mulching back into the vineyard after pruning.


Organic/natural products vs synthetics and manufactured products.

Solar Energy Project

With the support the Government of South Australia’s Regional Development Fund through Primary Industries and Regions SA, Sidewood also switched to solar energy in 2016 at their Nairne Winery saving 2,214 MT of carbon emissions over the lifetime of the system (15 years). The solar system provides 50% of the facility’s annual consumption.

Becoming solar powered is part of a $3.5m expansion project at Sidewood’s Nairne Winery.