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777 Pinot Noir Paired Prosciutto and Fig Pizza

Pinot Noir always has a way to thrill the senses when paired with food that compliments its flavours. Generally grown in cooler regions, like our home in the Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir is always a safe choice to pair with a variety of food because of its versatility. Because Pinot Noir is lighter on tannins but still has a medium body the varietal suits a broad range of cuisine.

Enjoy this easy Fig and Prosciutto Pizza with Balsamic Drizzle that pairs with our 777 Pinot Noir perfectly.



·         1 tbsp. x extra virgin olive oil

·         300g x mozzarella cheese

·         5 – 6 x figs sliced into quarters

·         10 x very thin slices of Prosciutto

·         1 x packet of rocket

·         Pizza bases (we use a pita bread to keep it healthy)

·         Salt and pepper

·         Balsamic glaze

·         1 x half lemon juice


1.       Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

2.       Lay out pizza bases onto an oven tray

3.       Cover pizza bases with a thin coating of olive oil

4.       Sprinkle a layer of mozzarella over the base

5.       Cut fig slices into quarters and place on top of the cheese

6.       Sprinkle with salt and pepper

7.       Put pizza in oven and bake for 15-20 minutes until the dough is cooked and golden and the cheese is melted.

8.       Upon removing from oven, top pizza with slices of prosciutto and rocket

9.       Right before serving drizzle with balsamic and a squeeze of lemon and more importantly, pour yourself a glass of 777 Pinot Noir and enjoy!




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There’s white gold in the Adelaide Hills!

Once upon a time gold was dug from the Hills but today it’s all above ground and in the form of medals and awards received from wine shows across the world.   Testament to the quality of wines emanating from the Adelaide Hills region is the swag of accolades and medals being won by Sidewood Estate.

The Oakbank based Sidewood that produces its wine at its own winery at Nairne has just received the ultimate wine show accolade from the Jerry D Mead New World International Wine competition held in California with its 2016 Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc made by Darryl Catlin being awarded an impressive 99 points!!

The celebrated wine was also awarded two trophies at the show.

BEST NEW WORLD SAUVIGNON/FUMÉ BLANC – 2016 Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc

BEST NEW WORLD WHITE WINE – 2016 Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc

The win by Sidewood is the first time since the shows inauguration in 1991 that an Australian winery has won Best White Wine.

Owen Inglis, Sidewood owner said “our American sales manager told me there are 5 award shows to enter in the USA that mean something and this was one of them.  To say we’re excited is an understatement.  It is testament to our winemaker Darryl, Mark Vella our viticulturist and all of the team at Sidewood who work so hard to consistently produce award winning wines that help put the Adelaide Hills on the national and international map.  In winery terms, we’re only young with our first vintage being released in 2007 – we’ve come a long way and the future’s only going to be even better”

Sidewood Estate Sauvignon Blanc is an Estate Grown wine with its fruit being 100% single vineyard from Sidewood’s  Mappinga Road property in Oakbank, South Australia – one of Australia’s super premium regions for producing cool climate wines.

The wine has wonderful Adelaide Hills characteristics of vibrant grapefruit, tropical fruits and zesty lemon citrus. The cooler climate plays a vital role in delivering lifted yet balanced acidity. Winemaker Darryl Catlin uses only the free run juice for a cold ferment to maintain optimum flavour and retain the delicate aromas.  The wine sat on lees for four months to develop mid palate complexity before being bottled.

The Jerry D Mead International Wine Show

Is open to ‘New World’ wine producing countries including North America, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  (As opposed old world including France and Italy)

It is open to all varietals, generic and proprietary wines grown in those regions and made from traditional grapes or other fruits and/or berries.

All wines are judged by price category, ranging from inexpensive through moderate to premium or super-premium prices. Each wine is judged against others of its type and also against its price peers. Consumers are informed as to best wines in each price category.

It is the only competition in America, and perhaps the world to pit the best wines from each price class against each other to determine an overall best of variety or type.

Recent Reviews/wins

Sidewood was also recently afforded exceptionally good reviews in the Australian Wine Companion by James Halliday

2015 Sidewood Estate Pinot Noir – 96pts James Halliday  (To-date this is the highest rated 2015 Pinot Noir from the Adelaide Hills)

2015 Sidewood 777 Pinot Noir – 95pts James Halliday

2016 Sidewood Estate Sauvignon Blanc – 95pts James Halliday and from wine reviewer Huon Hooke

2015 Sidewood Mappinga Shiraz – 95pts Huon Hooke

2015 Sidewood Mappinga Fume Blanc – 95pts Huon Hooke

2015 Sidewood Owen’s Chardonnay – 96pts Huon Hooke

2016 – Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc – Gold Medal – National Wine Show – Canberra, Australia

2016 – Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc – Gold Medal – Catavinum Wine Show, Spain

Shop it

Review samples of the 2016 Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc are available on request. Shop it by clicking here. 


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4 Golds for Sidewood

Sidewood Estate has picked up four golds and nine silver medals in the latest Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition 2017.

Sidewood’s 2016 Estate Sauvignon Blanc, 2015 Estate Chardonnay, 2015 Estate Shiraz and 2015 Mappinga Shiraz were all gold medal winners at the Spanish wine competition that had almost 3,000 entries.

The Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition promotes the production of quality wines and spirits and is where a number of world-class wines receive medals.

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Sidewood partners with uberVINO, your designated driver app

Untitled-16Sidewood Estate is uber excited to announce they are one of only five winery partners to come on board the new UBER Vino service launched in Adelaide today for the month of March.

uberVINO is the answer for those who have amazing Adelaide Hills winery destinations in mind but no show of hands to be designated driver. Booking a wine tour last minute? From today we can all partake in affordable priced wine tours with a simple $39p/h rate for your driver to stay with you so you can enjoy the cellar doors, picturesque setting and delicious produce of the Adelaide Hills.

For $39p/h you can create a wine tour to suit your budget and schedule, all you need to commit to is less than an hour and a half journey or a $50 minimum fair. What’s more? UberVINO’s partners are offering riders exclusive offers and discounts to enhance their visit and maximise the benefits of choosing uberVINO. If you choose to come to Maximilian’s at Sidewood Estate you’ll be able to enjoy a bucket of balls to try your hand at the hole in one golf challenge ($10 value), a complimentary rare and exclusive wine tasting ($10 value) and 10% off your total lunch bill if you decide to dine at the restaurant (subject to availability).

“With the Festival Season underway, we are extremely excited to welcome uberVINO riders into our wine region. With 50+ wineries throughout the Adelaide Hills and only 20 minutes up the freeway, the service will offer a flexible, safe and reliable way to experience our diverse wine offerings,” – Nicole Roberts, Executive Officer, Adelaide Hills Wine Region.

New to uberVINO? Enter the code ‘UBERVINOADL’ in the app to receive $20 off your first uberVINO ride! Expires 31/12/2017.

Adelaide Media and Bloggers take uberVINO for a spin in the Adelaide Hills


  1. Enter the address of the first winery you’d like to visit in the Adelaide Hills
  2. Select uberVINO (instead of Uber X or Uber Black on your app) between 10am – 4pm, Wednesday – Sunday, and one of Uber’s top rate drivers will pick you up and take you to your winery.
  3. When you’re almost done at your destination, call or text your driver using your Uber app and they’ll be waiting for you in the car park to take you to your next journey.
  4. Simply enter the next Adelaide Hills winery into your app and your driver will be automatically updated with your next destination.
  5. Your driver will end the trip upon your request.

Sounds pretty easy to us, book yours today!

Other preferred partners of uberVINO include, The Lane, Howard Vineyard, Artwine, Somerled and Woodside Cheese.

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How to taste wine like a pro

Untitled-16Ever wanted to learn how taste a wine like an expert or want to know what people are talking about when they talk about things like length or legs? This is the guide for you!

Learning to taste wine will help you pick out flavours in the wines and also notice some potential faults. The more you tune into your senses and train your palate the better you’ll be able to understand and enjoy nuances and details of different varietals.

Our Cellar Door Manager, Seth and Comms Manager Flip have put together this comprehensive step by step guide so you can learn how to taste wine like a pro!

First things first, the circumstances of your wine tasting can actually affect your impressions of a wine! Make sure you take the steps to neutralise your tasting conditions. You can do this by ensuring the wine is served at its correct temperature, ensuring your glass is clean and finally try and make sure you are in neutral air, strong aromas can affect how you smell and taste a wine.



Slightly tilt your glass in some good lighting to check out the colour, opacity and viscosity from the centre of the glass to where the wine meets the rim of the glass. This will offer clues about variety and age but remember it isn’t an indicator of quality.


A young red wine should be purple or ruby in colour while older reds lose their colour in time turning brick red to brownish and have a small amount of sediment in the bottom of the bottle.

A young white will have hints of green on its rim and get naturally darker with age. If a white wine is brown, taste with caution as it is either very old or oxidised.


Is the wine clear or cloudy? Opacity is an indicator of whether or not there has been great care taken during the creation and fermentation of the wine (although some styles are deliberately cloudy, read the label if unsure!).


Much used to be made of a wine’s legs (the streaks of wine that crawl down the glass), bigger wines that have more alcohol or sugar will have more pronounced legs. This is in no way an indicator of quality or taste especially in new world wines, so don’t pay too much heed to this beyond a cursory glance!




Swirl the wine in the glass (draw a circle with the glass on the table if your swirling game isn’t strong!) Swirling much more importantly allows oxygen into the wine which helps in opening its aromas and will allow you to properly assess a wines smell before assessing its taste, sweetnessacidity, tannins and length.


What do you smell? Swirl the wine in the glass (draw a circle with the glass on the table if your swirling game isn’t strong!) and take several sniffs to gather all of the aromas. Enjoyable wine is enticing on the nose and gives you a preview of what is to come.  A vibrant and fresh aroma is a great sign of good wine while smelling notes of paper could indicate a corked wine and a sherry aroma could mean the wine is oxidised. Look for aromas of fruit, as well as savoury elements and wine making factors (such as oak or yeast).


Sip and swirl the wine around in your mouth so the wine can hit all of the different sensors and give a chance for you to identify the flavours you can taste. If possible draw a little air into your mouth at the same time to allow the aromas to draw up into the olfactory system (the part of your sense of smell that influences how you taste!), this is actually one of the biggest factors in getting the most out of your tasting. The majority of our sense of taste is influenced by our sense of smell! Enjoy the wine and look for the following:


Is the wine sweet or dry? Most table wines are actually quite dry, but we can often be confused by the fruitiness of a wine. Is it fruit sweetness you can taste or residual sugar? This can take practice!


Acidity is important for creating an overall balance in the wine. If there is too much acid it will taste tart and sharp while it will taste flat and dull if there isn’t enough.


If you are drinking red wine (or some styles of bold whites) you may notice tannins in the wine which come from pips, stalks and skins of red grapes, as well as the barrels they are aged in. Tannins essentially feel like they dry your mouth out or may make it pucker. Imagine a cup of cold tea, that drying sensation is tannin! Tannin is essential for creating complex structure in wines as well as helping its longevity. They do soften over time enhancing the other flavours and allowing for truly complex wines to evolve and grow.


After spitting or drinking be sure to enjoy the aftertaste. Other flavours can become apparent that weren’t before. Look for a long enjoyable after taste. Can you still taste what you enjoyed in the wine a minute or two later? This is a sign of a quality.




Assess the tasting of the wine. Was it balanced? Do you enjoy it? If it is too astringent would it improve and soften with age? Is it ready to drink now? What food would go with it nicely? If you’re unsure, share with a friend. The best part of a good bottle of wine is sharing the experience with someone else!







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Sidewood produces the ripe stuff with new Hooke & Halliday reviews

Sidewood Estate has started 2017 full steam ahead with some great reviews from James Halliday and Huon Hooke who are the top Wine Reviewers in the country and visited Sidewood late last year. See reviews below,

SW SAB2016 Sidewood Estate Sauvignon Blanc

James Halliday

Score: 95 points

Review: Estate-grown and selected from several sites with different row orientation, the state of the art Pellenc harvester delivering flawless berries. Free-run juice chilled, wild yeast, cool fermented in tank, and kept on lees for 4 months to successfully build mid-palate texture without compromising its drive and length…

Shop it: Click here


Sidewood-Mappinga-Fume-Blanc-20152015 Sidewood Mappinga Fume Blanc

Huon Hooke

Score: 95 points

Review: A lovely rich, complex wine with good varietal fruit nicely entwined with fresh oak. Concentrated, powerful, impressive, and the fruit tastes good and ripe…

Shop it: This wine is yet to be released



2015 Sidewood Owen’s Chardonnay

Huon Hooke

Score: 96 points

Review: A magical wine of great finesse as well as concentration and power. Lots of honey, nougat, creamy lees and grapefruit aromas. A superb chardonnay. (13% alc. All Mendoza clone, hand picked and low-yielding at 7-8 tonnes/hectare. 30% new oak)

Shop it: This wine is exclusively available to Wine Club Members. Click here to sign up to the Wine Club.



2015 Sidewood Estate Pinot Noir

James Halliday

Score: 96pts.

Review: Estate-grown Oberlin and Able clones, hand-picked, chilled for 24 hours, small batches of wild yeast, whole bunch and whole berry ferments, 12 months maturation in French oak (10% new). The spicy bouquet shows unmistakable, complex whole bunch aromas, the palate with a finely pitched savoury edge to the red and [more?].

Shop it: The pre-release of this wine is exclusively available to Wine Club Members. Click here to sign up to the Wine Club.


2015 Sidewood '777' Pinot Noir2015 Sidewood 777 Pinot Noir

James Halliday

Score: 95 points

Review: Estate-grown utilising one of the newer clones from Burgundy, hand-picked and wild yeast open-fermented with 25-40% whole bunches in different 2-5-tonne pots, extended maceration, pressed to French oak (15% new) for 10 months. Light, clear colour; the highly fragrant red cherry/wild strawberry bouquet shape the elegant palate. Gold medal Adelaide Hills Wine Show ’16.

Shop it: This wine is exclusively available to Wine Club Members and at the Cellar Door. Click here to sign up to the Wine Club.

Sidewood-Mappinga-Shiraz-20152015 Sidewood Mappinga Shiraz

Huon Hooke

Score: 95 points

Review: A very full-bodied, powerful rendition of Adelaide Hills shiraz, with depth and structure aplenty. Lots of chew as well. A big, solid, dense wine, which avoids excessive oakiness. Dark and red fruits are apparent, and there is only a hint of the mint that dominated the famous 2013 vintage.

Shop it: This wine is exclusively available to Wine Club Members. Click here to sign up to the Wine Club.

2013-MAP-SHZ2013 Sidewood Mappinga Shiraz

Winestate Magazine

Score: 5 Stars

Review: Inky shiraz with lifted perfumed floral fruit fragrances. Bright mouth-watering palate, nicely structured with excellent depth and concentration of forest fruit and red currant flavours. Time!

Shop it:  This wine is still available to Wine Club Members despite being sold out online and purchase limits may apply if purchased at the Cellar Door. Click here to sign up to the Wine Club.


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Instagrammers Guide: Crush at Sidewood at Maximilian’s


Sidewood at Maximilian’s is open from 10am – 7pm on 28 and 29 January during Crush Festival. Enjoy DJ’s until 7.00pm, award winning wines and ciders and the chance to WIN with the Crush Special Edition of the infamous floating golf hole challenge – get a hole in one either day during Crush and you’ll take home ultimate bragging rights with the prize increased to $2000 for the weekend event. 

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so what better way to show you the beauty of the Adelaide Hills then through the lens of others. 

With Crush Festival just around the corner we have researched the best photo op worthy destinations to go to on your way to Sidewood at Maximilian’s to make you Insta feed the envy of all of your friends.

Sidewood at Maximilian’s


Location: 15 Onkaparinga Valley Road, Verdun SA 5245

Phone: +61 8388 7777 (Restaurant & Cellar Door)

Hours: Open Wed – Sun from 11am – 5pm


Sidewood at Maximilian’s is the home of good times in the Adelaide Hills with plenty of photo opps for all Instagrammers from the moment you step out of your vehicle. Enjoy the stunning surrounds, do a tasting of the award winning Sidewood wines in the Cellar Door, have a hit of golf and a shot at the $1k prize, take a snap with your squad using the Instagram frame, enjoy a culinary delight in the Restaurant or find the resident emu, Romeo for a photo.

Don’t forget to share your #SidewoodSummer moments using the hashtag, you can win a carton of cider!

Instagram: @SidewoodEstate

170122 Sidewood


Beerenberg Farm


Location: Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf SA 5245

Phone: +61 8 8388 7272

Hours: Open 7 days from 9am – 5pm


Located in the heart of the Adelaide Hills, Beerenberg is one of Australia’s oldest family-owned jam, condiment and sauce producers. Their infamous strawberry patch is a tourism icon in South Australia and a regular on Insta feeds with their pick your own concept a fabulous way of spending time outdoors picking your own strawberries. Picking season is from November – April so why not visit the photo worthy surrounds taking in the rustic architecture and beauty of the strawberry patch.

What’s more? Post a photo of your visit to the farm using the hashtag, #PickMeBeerenberg  for the chance to win a delicious box of Beerenberg goodies!

Instagram: @BeerenbergFarm

170122 Beerenberg

Udder Delights


Location: 91a Main Street, Hahndorf SA 5245

Phone: +61 8 8388 1588

Hours: Open 7 days from 9am – 5pm  (Free cheese tastings between 10am – 4pm)


Who doesn’t love a good drool inducing foodie picture? Located on the main street of Hahndorf (look out for the big yellow cow) Udder Delights is the embodiment of an obsession and passion for all things cheese. Why not treat yourself to one of their renowned cheesey fondues or partake in an underground cheese flight? Whether you’re enjoying a coffee or posing with their infamous yellow cow post photo’s from your visit using the hashtag, #ForTheLoveOfCheese

Instagram: @UdderDelightsCheese

170122 Udder Delights

The Fairy Garden


Location: 55 Main Street, Hahndorf SA 5245

Phone: +61 8 8388 7955

Hours: Open 6 days (Closed Thursday) Open from 10am – 3pm on weekdays and from 10am – 4pm on weekends and public holidays.


Why not take a visit to The Fairy Garden and pose in front of every Instagram lover’s dream, wings!

Take a walk through their delightful fairy garden and browse the handmade fairy garden accessories made to the highest quality in their shop while uncovering beautiful photo opps. The fairies love to hear about your thoughts and see your images from your visit, simply email

170122 Fairy Garden


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Sidewood Apple Cider Slushie

Untitled-16Move over daiquiri’s and pina colada’s there’s a new cocktail in town with this quick and easy Sidewood Apple Cider Slushie recipe, the perfect warm weather staple.

We can all relate to experiencing some form of punishment from a Scorching Summer in Australia from broken air conditioners to unfortunate sunburn lines or walking outside without shoes on and feeling instant regret to being branded with the silver clip of your seatbelt for the second time this week.  

Stay cool with this gluten free and vegan friendly Sidewood Apple Cider slushie. While it isn’t a miracle worker to fix your Scorching Summer problems it definitely will take your mind off the fact we live on the sun for a few moments!

Share pics of your #Sidewoodand tag @SidewoodEstate in your posts and we might drop you a carton of Cider for your Session!


  • 3 x Cups of Frozen Sidewood Apple Cider
  • 2 x Cups liquid Sidewood Apple Cider
  • ½ x Teaspoon of Cinnamon
  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Blender



*Please scroll to the bottom of page for video tutorial

  • Step 1: Put 3 x Cups of Sidewood Apple Cider into some ice cube trays and pop them in the freezer until frozen then add to blender.IMG_9441


  • Step 2: Add ½ x Teaspoon of Cinnamon to the blender.IMG_9442


  • Step 3: Add 1 x bottle of liquid Sidewood Apple Cider.IMG_9443


  • Step 4: Blend



  • Step 5: Pour



  • Step 6: Garnish



  • Step 7: Enjoy





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Sidewood Apple Cider Christmas Ham

Untitled-16Given my uncanny ability to burn anything I touch in the kitchen, I do understand why my friends and family don’t want to play Russian roulette by trusting me in the kitchen to cook something that has a 50% chance of being edible on a day like Christmas.

The burden of responsibility I usually am given on Christmas Day is bringing the wine and setting the table. While I’ve always taken the very important role of Décor Coordinator very seriously I can’t bring myself to sit through another three hour You Tube tutorial learning how to make the perfect Christmas character with a napkin to try and make my mark on the event.

After six month’s of tense negotiations I’m elated to announce I’ve been offered the incredibly prestigious honour of Master Of all things Ham. This year is finally my moment to let my culinary skills shine. (PS final negotiations ended with “If you could grab 1kg of sliced or shaved leg ham for Christmas that would be great” which to me means “please buy a 4kg ham and create an extravagant centrepiece for the table” doesn’t it?).

This Sidewood Apple Cider Christmas ham recipe is as idiot proof as they come and looks so impressive it will make the perfect Christmas Table centrepiece and amazing for lunches for the foreseeable future.

Share your version and images of your #SidewoodSummer moments using the hashtag on Social Media and don’t forget to tag @SidewoodEstate



  • 4kg x Cooked Leg Ham
  • 2 x Teaspoons Whole Cloves
  • 330ml x Sidewood Apple Cider
  • 1 x Cup Brown Sugar
  • 2 x Cinnamon sticks

ABOUT SIDEWOOD APPLE CIDER:160712-wine-notes-template


Step 1: Preheat oven to 180C or 160C for fan-forced. Cut through the skin around the end of the ham about 8cms from shank and gently peel back skin with your fingers separating the skin from the fat which you can then discard.

Cider Ham

Step 2: Using a small knife, score fat diagonally 4cm apart and repeat in opposite direction to create a crosshatch pattern.

Cider Ham

Step 3: Wrap shank end in foil and place ham on wire rack of a large roasting pan.


Step 4: Push whole cloves into the cross hatches.

Cider Ham

Step 5: Pour Sidewood Apple Cider, sugar and cinnamon sticks into a saucepan over medium- heat bringing it to a simmer and stirring occasionally to dissolve sugar.


Step 6: Reduce the heat to medium and simmer for 20 minutes until the liquid has thickened slightly before letting stand for 10 minutes. After discarding the cinnamon sticks pour the liquid into a heatproof jug.


Step 8: Place ham in a large roasting pan and add enough boiling water to reach 2cm up sides of pan.


Step 9: Brush the cider mixture over the ham and place in oven.


Step 10: Ham should be brushed with cider mixture every 20 minutes for 1 hour 30 or until ham is golden.


Step 11: Enjoy!




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Another Gold for Sidewood Savvy!


Sidewood’s Sauvignon Blanc has been recognised as one of the best in Australia with the 2016 vintage receiving one of only two gold medals awarded in its category at the Dan Murphy’s National Wine Show in Canberra last night (24th November 2016).

A stand out wine in a pool of over 1300 premium class award winning entries from over 200 Australian producers, there was only one point separating Sidewood and the overall trophy winner of the category. In an exciting break from tradition, the Sidewood wine was served throughout the night to guests which included the most reputable in the industry; an honour usually reserved for the night’s trophy winning wines.

Sidewood owner, Owen Inglis was elated after the win on Thursday night,

“receiving a gold medal from the most reputable judges in the industry at Australia’s premier National Wine Show where being a medal winner at other top level shows is a requirement of entry makes this honour even more humbling for us.

“The accolade reflects all the hard work, effort and passion of the Sidewood team behind the scenes and I’m looking forward to sharing this celebration with them.”

The gold medal adds to the growing list of accolades for Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc.


> TROPHY –  2013 Adelaide Hills Wine Show

> TROPHY – 2013 Winewise Small Vigneron Awards

> TROPHY – 2012 Winewise Small Vigneron Awards

> 95 points – 2017 James Halliday Australian Wine Companion

> Gold – 2016 Mundus Vini Grand International Wine Award

> Gold – 2016 Catavinum World Wine and Spirits Competition

> Gold – 2016 International Wine Guide Awards

> Gold – 2015 Royal Melbourne Wine Show

> Gold – 2015 Catavinum World Wine and Spirits Competition

> Gold – 2014 Winewise Championship

> Gold – 2014 Cowra Wine Show

> Gold – 2013 Winewise Small Vigneron Awards

> Gold – 2013 Winewise Small Vigneron Awards

> Gold – 2013 Dan Murphy’s National Wine Show

> Gold – Adelaide Hills Wine Show

> Gold – 2013 Royal Adelaide Wine Show

> Gold – 2012 Royal Adelaide Wine Show

> Gold – 2012 Winewise Small Vigneron Awards

> Hot 100 – 2011 Hot 100 Australian Wines

2016 has been a success year for Sidewood having picked up the top gongs in many domestic and international wine shows.


> 2013 Mappinga Shiraz – Best South Australian Shiraz – 2016 International Wine Challenge, London

> 2013 Mappinga Shiraz – Best Adelaide Hills Shiraz – 2016 International Wine Challenge, London

> 2015 Estate Chardonnay – Best Chardonnay in Show – 2016 Cairns Wine Show

> 2015 Mappinga Chardonnay – Best Chardonnay in Show – 2016 Australian Small Winemakers Show

> 2014 Estate Shiraz – Great Gold – 2016 Catavinum World Wine and Spirits Competition

> 2013 Mappinga Shiraz – Great Gold – 2016 International Wine and Spirit Competition


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Sidewood Apple Cider Mimosa

Untitled-16This Sidewood Apple Cider Mimosa recipe is the perfect combination of sweet, tart and fizz and has the simplicity and elegance of the perfect cocktail.

While I am partial to the more traditional Sparkling Orange Juice Mimosa, who doesn’t love a twist on a classic? The fact Sidewood Apple Cider has no added sugar and isn’t from concentrate means I don’t even feel guilty rimming the glass in brown sugar like I’m frosting a cake.

This super quick and easy combo is the cocktail of my dreams as it makes me look somewhat capable in the kitchen at something other than burning calories (pizza, tacos, gravy, croissants – you name it I burn it) with minimal effort or risk to those around me.

160712-wine-notes-template 161021-bucks-fizz

Ingredients (Serves 4)

1 x Plate of Brown Sugar
4 x Apple Slices
2 x Bottles of chilled Sidewood Apple Cider
½ x Bottle of chilled Stable Hill Bucks Fizz Sparkling
1 x Bowl of Water
4 x Flutes

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Step One: Dip flute’s rim in bowl of water or dampen it using a wet cloth.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Step Two: Tip flute upside down into plate of brown sugar and turn so the sugar coats the rim of the glass.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Step Three: Fill half the glass with Sidewood Apple Cider.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Step Four: Fill half the glass with Bucks Fizz Sparkling.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Step Five: Garnish with an apple slice.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Step Six: Enjoy!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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Sidewood Estate

Behind The Wine: An Interview with Michael Redman

Untitled-16Welcome to the second edition of our Behind The Wine series where we introduce you to the hard working people behind the brand that get Sidewood from the vine to your wine. Last month we caught up via text with our Cellar Door Manager, Seth Piszczuk who gave us an insight of what it’s like to work at a Cellar Door.

This month we managed to catch up with our Winery Operations Manager and Cider Maker, Michael Redman for a quick five-minute chat about all things wine and cider which we hope you enjoy.

Managing the operations of our winery in Nairne, Michael has been with Sidewood for over two years after changing careers from working in the food industry. Learning from some of the best in the business Michael’s quick progression to Operations Manager in his time at Sidewood is a reflection of the passion and genuine interest in wine and cider production.

Michael resides in Lobethal with his partner and has a daughter (8) he hopes to one day teach the ropes. Enjoy the interview and please check back next week to read Michael’s blog on Cider making.


1.  What is your role with Sidewood?

I am Sidewood’s Winery Operations Manager and Cider Maker.  My role involves over-seeing the day to day running of the winery including everything from making Sidewood’s wine and cider to managing waste disposal procedures.

2.  What does your typical day look like?

My day starts at around 8am and finishes at 5pm in Winter and 6am till 6pm in Summer due to Vintage; our peak time.

I usually begin my day by logging onto our Ezywine Program which we utilise to track and tabulate any procedure and update it with every movement of liquid at the winery from the day before. I then set the winemaking team a plan for the day ahead according to the different stage of production the wine or cider may be at.

At the moment my time has been taken up with setting up our new cidery and orchard to ensure everything is ready to hit the ground running when the build of our new canning and bottling line is finished.


3.  What’s your background and how did you come to work at Sidewood?

I am a Chef by trade – random, I know!

I worked as a Chef for four years in the early 2000’s before wanting a change and moving to South Australia. It was after moving to SA I began working as a tractor operator for Sidewood’s Viticulturists that I developed a strong interest in the winemaking process which then led me into my current position.

As well as winemaking, I have a really strong interest in home brewing and kegging so with the recent addition of Cider to Sidewood’s portfolio I jumped at the opportunity to add Cider Maker to my position description!

4.  Outside of wine, what are your interests?

Away from work I play hockey for sport and fitness. I love to fish and try to get out in my boat once a week chasing crabs, squid and whiting.

My other passion is gardening, I have a massive vegetable garden and spend a lot of time in the garden every week.


5.  Best wine for newbie wine drinkers?

If I was to suggest a wine for a newbie to drink I would suggest a Chardonnay.

Explaining and understanding a basic wine principle like oak influence with Chardonnay is usually quite easy as it often stands out best in this varietal.

6.  Favourite Sidewood Wine at the moment?

My favourite wines are whites. I love our Estate Chardonnay and our latest vintage is an absolute stand out with its smooth and buttery palette. It’s definitely the variety that doesn’t last long when it gets home.

Next time you have a bottle at home, try leaving it out of the fridge for 30 minutes or so before enjoying so it isn’t as chilled – trust me you’ll thank me!

7.  What wine is open in your kitchen right now?

I like to work on a ‘zero ullage’ policy but lets say a Pinot Grigio then.


8.  Funniest wine story?

I was tipping two and a half tonne’s of whole bunch Chardonnay grapes from picking bins (which include a milk crate to help circulate cool air through the bins to chill the grapes) into our big press for the first time and kept hearing a loud clunking noise as the grapes tipped into the machinery. It wasn’t until the fifth bin I realised that the milk crates were still in the bins. While jumping into the press to dig them out wasn’t fun looking back now it was definitely pretty funny!

9.  What is the last photo you took at the winery on your phone? Please post and explain it

This is the last photo I took and it was only yesterday!

I was looking at the pegging I had completed at Sidewood’s new cidery to ensure all of the orchards I’d marked out were ready for posts, wires and of course, apple trees!


10. Where do you want to be in five years?

In five years from now I hope I am still with Sidewood and have a few more cider trophies on the shelf.


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Here’s a toast to Sidewood’s continued sustainable success

Untitled-16Sidewood Estate is raising a glass to becoming the largest sustainable winery in the Adelaide Hills after receiving full Entwine Accreditation (Environmental Viticulture) for all four of their vineyards making them 100% sustainable as of this week.

The accreditation through the Australian Research Institute and Freshcare is a reflection of Sidewood’s dedication and commitment to sustainable practices across their entire vineyard portfolio. It comes only one week after the winery announced they were switching to solar energy at their Nairne Winery which will save 2,214 MT of carbon emissions over the lifetime of the system (15 years).

Entwine Australia was set up to support growers and winemakers in demonstrating and improving the sustainability of their business through the Australian wine industry’s sustainability program.

“Securing Entwine Australia membership has been a long but highly worthwhile process that enables us to provide a guarantee to our customers and suppliers that an industry recognised environmental assurance program has been followed whilst growing our product.” said Sidewood’s Owner, Owen Inglis last week.

Achieving the Entwine accreditation though the Environmental Viticulture option, Sidewood was assessed and audited on categories including land and soil, chemicals, fertilisers and soil additives, water, biodiversity, waste, air, energy, fuel, and the measures taken to protect the surrounding environment and natural resources.

Preparing to achieve full accreditation started several years ago with many different changes occurring at the vineyards to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly winery. Becoming solar powered is part of a $3.5m expansion project at their Nairne Winery. With the support of an $856,000 grant from the Government of South Australia’s Regional Development Fund through Primary Industries and Regions SA, Sidewood is flicking the switch on a 100kw solar system that will provide over 50% of the facility’s annual consumption.

Read more about Sidewood’s sustainable practices by clicking here.

sustainability sustainability sustainability


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Guest Blog: Masterchef, Adam Mizzi’s Sidewood Shiraz paired Beef Cheeks

160913-masterchefWe caught up with 2016 Masterchef Contestant and Manager of WOTSO WorkSpace in Adelaide, Adam Mizzi to share his favourite Sidewood Wine paired dish and what he enjoys most about the wine and food culture in Australia.

In South Australia we’re so lucky to have some of the best wine and food produce in the world right at our fingertips.

Having traveled to many different overseas countries I still always look forward to coming back to the relaxed entertaining culture back home here in Australia.  

Enjoying a meal and a great bottle of wine with friends is a great way to enjoy time together and build relationships.

Slow cooking is one of my favourite ways to enhance the flavours of a cut of meat like beef cheek. Using a bold flavoured Sidewood Shiraz when deglazing the pan helps to create a rich, robust sauce that develops over a long period of time as the meat becomes tender. 

Any meat with fat that requires rendering over time, like beef cheeks, cry out for a medium to full bodied wine to match. This is why I chose to pair it with my favourite Sidewood drop, the ’14 Estate Shiraz.

I hope you enjoy making this recipe at home.






> 2 Tbsp plain flour

> 1 tsp hot paprika

> 1 tsp porcini salt (optional)

> 4 beef cheeks

> 2 Tbsp olive oil

> 1 large brown onion (diced)

> 4 cloves garlic

> 2 medium carrots, (roughly chopped)

> 1 cup (250ml) 2014 Sidewood Estate Shiraz

> 2 cups (500ml) beef stock

> 1 Tbsp brown sugar

> 2 Tbsp tomato paste

> 1 bay leaf

> 2 sprigs fresh thyme, 1 extra for slow cooker

> 400g brown mushrooms (swiss brown, shiitake, portabella or similar)

> 200g of chick peas

> salt & pepper to taste


1.       Mix flour, paprika, porcini salt and salt/pepper in a bowl. Coat each of the beef cheeks generously shaking off excess.

2.       Heat oil in a frying pan and seal the beef cheeks until browned on each side. (Approx. 4 mins each). Once sealed, set aside.

3.       Add more oil (if required) and place onion, garlic, carrots in the same pan for 5 minutes until softening and browning.

4.       Add 2014 Sidewood Estate Shiraz, beef stock, brown sugar, tomato paste and herbs to the frying pan, bringing to the boil.

5.       Once boiling, reduce to simmer for 2 minutes.

6.       Pour contents into a slow cooker, adding chick peas on top of liquid and vegetables.

7.       Place reserved beef cheeks on top, and a fresh sprig of thyme.

8.       Cover with lid and turn slow cooker on low. Cook for 6-7 hours until beef cheeks are tender.

9.       Serve hot with creamy mashed potato and seasonal greens.


*Top image courtesy of Masterchef Australia 

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Sidewood turns on the sun for “Green Wine”

Sidewood Estate – located in the exquisite environs of the Adelaide Hills – has embraced its surroundings and implemented a number of ‘green’ projects within the business that support sustainability and the environment.

Sidewood is set to “flick the switch” in the coming weeks with its winery in Nairne becoming solar powered as part of a $3.5m expansion project. With the support of an $856,000 grant from the Government of South Australia’s Regional Development Fund through Primary Industries and Regions SA, Sidewood has installed a 100kw solar system to provide over 50% of the facility’s annual consumption.  The system will provide 100% power during daylight hours and normal operations and 50-75% during vintage and bottling/canning periods. The winery’s output capability will, upon completion of the expansion increase from 500 to 2000 tonnes per annum (p.a.) with the installation of new bottling and canning facilities producing over 400,000 bottles of wine and cider p.a. by 2017.

Sidewood Estate’s commitment to sustainable practice continues at their primary vineyard, ‘Ashwood Estate’ which has seen it being awarded with Entwine membership (Environmental Viticulture) through the Australian Wine Research Institute and Freshcare.  Within the coming months, Sidewood will also seek accreditation at its vineyards in Nairne, at Maximilian’s and Ironstone Rd.

Entwine Australia is the Australian wine industry’s sustainability program that was set up to support growers and winemakers in demonstrating and improving the sustainability of their business.

“Securing Entwine Australia membership has been a long but highly worthwhile process that enables us to provide a guarantee to our customers and suppliers that an industry recognised environmental assurance program has been followed whilst growing our product.” said Sidewood’s Owner, Owen Inglis.

When growing grapes under the approved Entwine accreditation, Sidewood, as a grape grower / wine company has shown to have a fundamental interest in environmental management and has taken extended measures in protecting the surrounding environment and natural resources.

“We are fortunate to grow our fruit in the magnificent Adelaide Hills – a region for which I have immense passion – as does our Viticulturist, Mark Vella and his Vitiworks Team.  As grape growers we can have a significant impact on natural resources such as land area, soil, water courses and the biodiversity. Using the correct management practices and sustainable quantities of production inputs such as chemicals, fertiliser and water will ensure the long term sustainability of our vineyard and the surrounding farming area” said Mr Inglis.

Achieving the Entwine accreditation though the Environmental Viticulture option, Sidewood was assessed and audited on nine categories including land and soil, chemicals, fertilisers and soil additives, water, biodiversity, waste, air, energy and fuel.

“Viticulture involves a high input of labour and resources to maximise productivity, quality and sustainability. Following the different Entwine protocols made us consider our business closely. We looked at why we do things and how we could reduce any inputs to achieve the same outcome and not affect the environment or fruit quality” said Mr Inglis.

Sidewood commenced preparing for the accreditation process several years ago with a number changes being made to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly grower with practices that include:

> Running sheep through the vineyard over the Autumn / Winter. Maintains pasture, removes hard to kill weeds and returns organic fertiliser back to the vineyard. This also reduces chemical input, machinery operations and labour to manage these areas over the winter months.

> Chemical selection. Continually changing products and using softer products that have minimal / no effect on the environment.

>  Irrigation Practices. Implementing different practices with timings and monitoring etc.

>  Canopy management.

> Mulching pruning’s back into the vineyard after pruning.

> Maintaining permanent pastures for increased insect biodiversity.

> Fertiliser selections. Organic / natural products vs synthetics and manufactured products.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

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New Distributor for Sidewood

Sidewood Wines is pleased to announce a new South Australian distribution arrangement with Chace Agencies effective immediately.

“We are excited to be working with Chanda Rice and her team at Chace Agencies – the synergies between Chace and Sidewood are evident which was a big positive for us. Chace is both well respected and highly experienced in SA. I’m confident we will enjoy a long and successful relationship” said Owen Inglis, owner Sidewood Wines.

Chace Agencies owner Chanda Rice has built an extremely successful distribution agency since starting in Adelaide as a one person operation in 1985.   In the years since and despite buyouts, takeovers and changes within the industry, Chace recognised the need for and garnered support from the local on and off premise industry who became increasingly hungry for interesting and exciting labels.

Today Chace Agencies is sought after by wineries across the state thanks to its growing team of passionate and knowledgeable staff and portfolio of some of the best regional wines available. Its coverage of the South Australian market is expansive and its CBD warehouse provides a fast turnaround on orders.

Chanda said “Sidewood is a brand I’ve watched and admired from afar over the past few years.  The company is innovative in its approach to business and most importantly is producing exceptional wines.  I am certainly looking forward to developing a long and healthy relationship with Owen and his team at Sidewood”

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Seafood & Sidewood Pairings


As the month’s turn from Winter to Spring, we couldn’t think of a better way to launch the 2016 vintage of the Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc than by sharing some of our favourite Sidewood Wine and Seafood Pairings to enhance your wine and seafood experiences.

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to pairing wine with seafood don’t forget to read our blog post, How to match seafood with wine to learn about the principles of seafood and wine pairing by clicking here.


A mild flavoured wine, our Sauvignon Blanc matches best with mild flavoured and textured seafood. The tropical and citrus fruit flavours combined with the natural acidity of Sidewood’s Sauvignon Blanc balances and enhances the saltiness and umami notes of Natural Oysters.

The citrus driven acid profile of our Sauvignon Blanc makes oysters taste like they’ve been drizzle with lemon and lime and the added nuances of tropical fruit and a light clean palate that doesn’t overstay its welcome make them the perfect pair!



Chardonnay will work well with a wide variety of seafood, a bright acid profile can cut through strong fishy flavours and works especially well with something prepared with a creamy sauce.

Our 2015 Sidewood Estate Chardonnay is the quintessential wine to pair with Snapper. The fish is not too fishy and flourishes with simple butter based sauces to let both the wine and the fish shine.



The 777 Pinot Noir has amazing savoury aromatics ranging from green tea and toast to earthy forest floor, all this while remaining light and vibrant on the palate so won’t overwhelm delicate seafood.

The classic Oysters Kilpatrick is an ideal match, the smokey bacon and Worcestershire matching the savoury notes with the zesty red fruits perfectly balance the sweet oyster.

The 777 Pinot Noir available exclusively to Sidewood Wine Club Members, Sidewood Cellar Door and 2KW Bar & RestaurantSign up to the Sidewood Wine Club today to get easy access to this exclusive wine with 15% off and free delivery.



If you aren’t a wine drinker the Sidewood Apple Cider lends itself to seafood matching due to its low sugar and delicate genuine fruit flavours. Think what you would match with our Palomonio Pinot Grigio and simply substitute the cider!

A seafood salad with light vinaigrette, or why not try a Cider with an Oyster Shooter? Put a fresh oyster in a shot glass, top with cider then bottoms up!







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How to Match Seafood with Wine*

Untitled-16*Sidewood Wines.. naturally

We’re extremely lucky in Australia to have bragging rights to some of the world’s best wines and have access to some of the best seafood too – It’s great being a South Aussie!

The right wine can enhance the flavours of any dish but wine is of course ultimately a matter of taste and there’s no exact science to food and wine pairing.

I’ve done some hard yards (poor me) and translated the wine speak into “Plain English” and put together some simple rules to follow for all those out there like me; a wine lover (not expert) with an interest to learn about what goes with what.

This will equip you to sound like a pro just in time for the Summer seafood season!

> Can anyone relate?

Being given the “honour” of choosing which wine your group is going to drink with their meal for the night to me is anything but. The compounding pressure builds and the burden of the potential risk of ruining John and Jane’s first night out since becoming parents or Jill’s Birthday Buzz weighs heavy on your shoulders like a ton of bricks.

Blanket rule – When it doubt white it out – white wine pairs well with most seafood but certain white wines go better with different types. Of course the chosen seafood, the sauce and preparation all affects the overall flavour of the  seafood (because we need more pressure to get it right huh?)

Here is the lowdown..

Seafood matches with wines that have similar flavours or textures, so in a nutshell just remember mild flavoured seafood (like prawns) matches with mild flavoured wines (like Sparkling) and big rich seafood (like lobster with butter sauce) goes best with big flavourful wines (like Chardonnay)

> Matching Mild Seafood Flavours:

Mild flavoured seafood’s are usually thinner and flaky. When pairing mild flavoured seafood with wine look out for zesty and refreshing whites to balance the delicate flavours of the dish. Please see examples below that match perfectly with our Sidewood Palomino Pinot Grigio Sidewood NV Sparkling and Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc.


> Matching Medium Seafood Flavours:

Medium flavoured seafood is still flaky but firmer and thicker than mild seafood. When pairing medium flavoured seafood with wine look out for medium bodied whites with high aromatics and rich full bodied whites aged in oak. Please see examples below that match perfectly with our  Mappinga Sauvignon BlancSidewood Chardonnay and Sidewood Pinot Gris.


> Matching Strong Seafood Flavours:

Your strong flavoured seafood’s are those make you feel like you’re eating the ocean on consumption, they’re salty and smells like the sea. These are best served with rich flavoured wines with lots of flavour that can hold up to the strong flavours of the seafood. Please see examples below that match perfectly with our Sidewood Pinot Noir,  Sidewood 777 Pinot Noir (Only available to Wine Club, Cellar Door & 2KW),  Mappinga Chardonnay and Chloe Cuvee Sparkling.


I hope this helps give you some insight into the reason why certain wines are paired with certain seafood’s. Check out Seafood & Sidewood Pairings for some dish ideas.  Remember at the end of the day there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to pairing seafood with wine because ultimately it comes down to the person’s personal preference because you need to drink what you like best!



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A Five Star Winner

Sidewood is honoured and thrilled to once again receive a five star rating in the just released James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2017.  The five star rating is only awarded to wineries that consistently produce wines of the highest standard year after year. In what is often considered the Australian wine bible, Sidewood received the following outstanding reviews and yes we’re cracking the seal on a bottle or two to celebrate!

2015 Stable Hill Palomino Pinot Grigio – 95 Points (Sold Out)  Next vintage is now available at our Cellar Door and online.

2015 Sidewood Estate Sauvignon Blanc – 95 Points (Sold Out) Next vintage is now available at our Cellar Door and online.

2013 Sidewood Estate Mappinga Chardonnay – 95 Points (Only 6 Dozen bottles remain. Order at

2014 Sidewood Estate Mappinga Sauvignon Blanc – 95 Points available at Cellar Door and online

The past week has also seen the 2015 Sidewood Estate Mappinga Chardonnay win a gold medal at the Cowra Wine Show.

And in further exciting news – the results we’ve all been waiting for…

The inaugural Sidewood v France degustation dinner was held at Maximilians as part of the Adelaide Hills annual Winter Reds festival.  A fantastic atmosphere over a sublime meal paired with superb wines certainly gave those attending the sold out event a night to remember.  Each of the five courses expertly prepared by Maximilian’s Head Chef, Jamie Laing saw a Sidewood wine blind tasted next to a similar French variety from a region specifically renowned for each style.  The first few rounds were almost too close to call, but as the night progressed, blow-by-blow a clear winner emerged. Winning three rounds versus two as well as the overwhelming popular vote… Sidewood Estate!! Click here to view a gallery from the night

Round by Round:

> 13 Sidewood Chloe Cuvee            VS.     Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve NV (France) (France by 4 votes)

> 15 Sidewood Estate Pinot Gris      VS.    Josmeyer Fromenteau Pinot Gris 13 (Fr) (France by 6 votes)

> 15 Sidewood Estate Chardonnay  VS.    Patrick Piuze Terroir de Chablis 14 (Fr) (Sidewood by 7 votes) 

> 15 Sidewood ‘777’ Pinot Noir         VS.    Bouchard Monthelie 12 (Fr) (Sidewood by 27 votes)

> 14 Sidewood Estate Shiraz            VS.   Delas Freres ‘Les Grands Chemins’ Crozes Hermitage 10 (Fr) (Sidewood by 34 votes)





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The Ultimate Winter Reds Wine Battle – Gallery

Sidewood came up trumps taking on wines from the region of France in an ultimate wine battle at a SOLD OUT Degustation at Maximilian’s Restaurant over Winter Reds weekend. With some of the French wines retailing for $70 more than Sidewood per bottle, the victory was a sweet one.

Round by Round Results:

> 13 Sidewood Chloe Cuvee            VS.     Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve NV (France) (France by 4 votes)

> 15 Sidewood Estate Pinot Gris      VS.    Josmeyer Fromenteau Pinot Gris 13 (Fr) (France by 6 votes)

> 15 Sidewood Estate Chardonnay  VS.    Patrick Piuze Terroir de Chablis 14 (Fr) (Sidewood by 7 votes) 

> 15 Sidewood ‘777’ Pinot Noir         VS.    Bouchard Monthelie 12 (Fr) (Sidewood by 27 votes)

> 14 Sidewood Estate Shiraz            VS.   Delas Freres ‘Les Grands Chemins’ Crozes Hermitage 10 (Fr) (Sidewood by 34 votes)

Click here for a full report and check the gallery of images below:

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Food & Wine Pairing: Beerenberg Bourbon Burger & Sidewood Apple Cider

160802-Jamie-LainWe hope you enjoyed The Beerenberg Bourbon Burger over Winter Reds at Sidewood at Maximilian’s. We’ve had such great feedback we thought we’d share the recipe with you so you can make it at home.

The Beerenberg Bourbon Burger marks the beginning of a great relationship with Beerenberg in which Sidewood look forward to bringing you exclusive offers, recipes and special events. To celebrate this exciting partnership please enjoy Sidewood’s Apple Cider, which pairs perfectly with The Beerenberg Bourbon Burger with 10% OFF when you order online before 31 August 2016.

“A fairly quick and simple burger using quality Beerenberg products that packs a big punch in flavour, and really warms you up on these chilly winter days.”


Pairing Suggestion:
Serves 6

– 6x Brioche Burger Buns

– 2x Heads of Cos Lettuce (washed and torn)

1x Jar Beerenberg Taka Tala Chutney

– 1 Tablespoon Butter for Burger Buns

For the Pork Marinade: 

– 1kg Boneless Pork Shoulder (Fat trimmed)

250ml Beerenberg Smoky BBQ Sauce

– 2L Chicken Stock

– 2x Cans Coca Cola

– Salt & Pepper

  1. In a large mixing bowl place Beerenberg Smoky BBQ Sauce, Chicken Stock and Coca Cola, mix well.
  2. Transfer Pork Shoulder into a deep roasting tray pouring marinade over the pork until completely covered.
  3. Wrap in cling film and place in the fridge for 12 hours.
  4. Preheat fan forced oven to 160 degrees celsius.
  5. Cover the roasting tray with baking paper and aluminium foil
  6. Transfer into roasting tray and place in the oven for two hours or until pork is falling apart (best way to check this is use two forks to pull apart the meat, if it comes apart easy it’s ready).
  7. Strain the pork out of roasting tray and pull apart, place aside in a warm place.
  8. Slice Burger buns in half and toast slightly under the grill, Spread with butter and top with pork mixture
  9. Add 1 Tablespoon of Taka Tala Chutney on each bun, add torn Cos lettuce to plate and enjoy.

To shop, simply click the image below


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Winter Reds – Gallery

Sidewood at Maximilian’s was the place to be this Winter Reds with the venue buzzing with activity for the duration of the weekend wine festival.

Please view gallery from the two days below:

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Fashion & Wine: The Fashion of Winter Reds

Untitled-16Winter Reds at Sidewood at Maximilian’s this year was bumper to bumper with what felt like the entire attractive population of Adelaide at the venue enjoying the festivities of the weekend. The fashion’s definitely didn’t disappoint (neither did the wine) with a mixed bag of trends and seasons (Yes, I mean Summer and Winter) being seen over the two days.

For me the best dressed males of the weekend were those wearing the Men’s Wine Tour Starter Kit. Being slightly pessimistic
I tend to roll my eyes when I see men donning the gentlemen for a day kit on wine tours now, as their behaviour is usually far from it. Thank you for restoring some faith in me this weekend gents. It was great to see the guys who genuinely embody that style more than one day a year not get lost in a crowd and all the other guys trying something different for a change.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, the Men’s Wine Tour Starter Kit includes an open neck button down shirt, a blazer (usually blue) a pair of cino’s and a mandatory pocket square. You’ve probably seen it at Sea and Vines where the entire male population year in year out descends on McLaren Vale like an army wearing the kit like a uniform. The look gets so over saturated it makes trying to locate your boyfriend in the crowd like playing Where’s Wally.


The girls were an eclectic mix, with many donning comfy shoes and chunky jumpers and coats to sensibly combat the cold. The fashionista’s put together winters hottest (and not so practical) trends with the greatest of ease. To the girls who braved the weather in summery dresses thank you for giving us hope that summer does still exist and it’s not too far away.

Below are my five favourite looks from the weekend and please click here if you missed last week’s guide on how to dress for a Winter Wine Tour! Congratulations to Michaela Manser (below) she’s won a Sidewood wine pack as our best dressed Winter Reds fashionista!

Michaela Manser Instagram: @michaelamanser Dress: Alice in The Eve Jacket: The Fifth Label Shoes: Wanted
Michaela Manser
Instagram: @michaelamanser
Dress: Alice in The Eve
Jacket: The Fifth Label
Shoes: Wanted
Riley Farrand’Harett from Malvern Instagram: @rileyfharbutt Culottes: Run Cinta Run Top: Cotton On Bandana: Myer Bag: General Pants
Riley Farrand’Harett from Malvern
Instagram: @rileyfharbutt
Culottes: Run Cinta Run
Top: Cotton On
Bandana: Myer
Bag: General Pants
Courtney Bain Instagram: @_courtneybain Skirt: Premonition Bodysuit: Bardot
Courtney Bain
Instagram: @_courtneybain
Skirt: Premonition
Bodysuit: Bardot
Alison Cunningham Instagram: @allison_cunningham Dress: Zara Headpiece: Zara Scarf: Sportsgirl
Alison Cunningham
Instagram: @allison_cunningham
Dress: Zara
Headpiece: Zara
Scarf: Sportsgirl
Raji Kaur Instagram: Raji_Kaur Playsuit: Alice McCall
Raji Kaur
Instagram: Raji_Kaur
Playsuit: Alice McCall
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Fashion & Wine: Your Wintery Winery Weekend Survival Guide


Untitled-16Working for a winery in the Adelaide Hills and as a seasoned wine touree myself, I’ve tried, tested and observed many wine tour outfit combination wins and fails over the years. No matter how planned your wine tour is it’s always best to be equipped to tackle any situation life may throw your way with these style tips to get you through your Winter wine tour.

> Victory Loves Preparation

If there is a chance you think you will end up heading out until the early hours, it’s advisable to put that super chic’ fedora back in its hat box and hang that super expensive coat back up in your wardrobe. Trust me you’ll thank me waking up realising the only thing you’ve lost is too much money over the bar. To take your outfit from day to night, pack a dressier pair of earrings, a coloured lipstick or a change of shoes.


As the afternoon sunshine begins to warm the vines it is also the perfect time to watch those who have made bad footwear choices begin to hobble around like baby giraffes. Lots of wineries have standing tastings and soft grass so make sure you wear shoes that can handle both, there’s nothing worse than sore feet when trying to enjoy yourself!

Wear a chunky heel with some support that won’t sink into the grass or embrace the sport luxe trainer trend while it’s having its fashion moment right now. I’m loving wearing my white leather Chuck Taylor All Stars with absolutely everything at the moment from active wear to leather pants, dresses and even lace as shown in the pic from an off duty visit to Maximilian’s. Try them in palettes of white, rose gold and silver and enjoy the clouds your feet will feel like they’re stepping on all day.

> Layering

While the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills is perfect for growing grapes for wine it also means the weather is just that.. Cool. Layering your outfit is the best option to be comfortable throughout the varying temperatures on the day.

Like Sidewood at Maximilian’s, lots of wineries have outdoor areas to enjoy the breathtaking views so make sure you’re prepared for the outdoors. Keep an umbrella, scarf and jacket in the vehicle to be able to accommodate. In the past I’ve usually had a pashmina in my handbag and a jacket draped over my shoulders or a nice long overcoat I can put my arms in if things take a turn for the colder.


Wear your hair in a style like a stylish pony tail or messy beach waves to keep it low maintenance for the day. I only make the effort to tong mine if I do not see the two words and hair style mortal enemies, “wind” or “rain” in the forecast.

> Lips

Successfully maintaining a coloured lip for the duration of a wine tour is a skill that should be applauded; for the rest of us however, by 5pm our lips usually look muddy and our teeth are stained if you haven’t tended to them with Vaseline religiously. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve made the rookie mistake of drinking from my glass from a different spot on the rim meaning the lipstick that was on the glass has then extended from the corner of my mouth up my cheeks making me look like a joker with a smile that can now be seen from space.

Why not try a tinted lip balm like Maybelline’s Baby Lips Colour Lip Balm or a long wearing smudge proof lip stain like MAC’S Pro Longwear Lipcolour instead to get you through the day?

Wearing White with Caution

The first time I wore white on a Wine Tour I wore an entire glass of red wine at the first stop.  For the remainder of the day I wore a promo t-shirt kindly donated by the winery that said “Get Rooted” across the front of it.

The second time (pictured below) I did it was far more successful which is why I feel wearing white is a similar comparison to playing a game of roulette. To avoid running the gauntlet wearing white should be only advisable if you’re sipping white wine all day and remember if you’re tasting, you may also be spitting.. Darker colours are your friend.

> Practicality

Go for a low maintenance outfit, no one enjoys spending a day dealing with bathroom breaks in a jumpsuit; if in doubt denim works all year round. Don’t over complicate your outfit and wear clothes that you know you feel comfortable in so you can focus on the important things like enjoying the wine and day out with your friends.

> Skip the perfume

Last but not least avoid wearing perfume when wine tasting as it overwhelms your sense of smell.. and everyone around you meaning that you won’t be able to fully enjoy the aromas of the wines.

> Some of my previous day drinking ensembles

From the coloured lip (my first and last attempt at a bold lip while day drinking) and wearing white (drinking only white), to trainers or jeans and a blazer, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident because each tour will be different!


Finally don’t forget to consult and coordinate with your friends (that’s all part of the fun of course!) and tell the guys in your group they aren’t an exception and should step up to the style plate too but most importantly enjoy your Winter wine tour!

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Get UBER Wine this Winter Reds

There’s never been a better time to explore the Adelaide Hills than this weekend.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 29-31, request the WINE view in the Uber app and you’ll be matched with a personal driver to stay with you and your friends while you enjoy a day of wine tasting in the Adelaide Hills.

How it works

> Request the WINE view in the Uber app, and if there’s an available vehicle, you’ll be paired with a driver for the duration of your wine tour

> Enter your first winery and make your way to the Adelaide Hills for a day of wine tasting

> Call or text your driver using the Uber app when you’re ready to leave, they’ll be waiting for you in the car park

> Enter a new winery into your app and your driver will be automatically updated with your next destination

> Your driver will end the trip once you’re safely home

When and where will WINE be available?

> WINE will be available this Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 6pm. It’s up to you to decide when and where you want to go!

> You can stop the tour whenever you want. There’s no limit to the time or distance on WINE trips, just a minimum fare of $50. You will be charged $0.65 per minute on your WINE trip (including driver-partner waiting time)

> If you accidentally request WINE instead of uberX or Black, your fare will be adjusted to reflect uberX rates


Fares will be $39 per hour when you request WINE and will depend on the length of your trip. If you split that between 3 friends, you’ll feel the savings even more!

Sidewood are also offering you the chance to win two tickets to The Ultimate Winter Reds Degustation this Saturday night. All you need to do is ride in a WINE this Friday to the Adelaide Hills, upload a selfie with your driver to Instagram and tag #Sidewood and #UberWinterReds – the most creative entry wins.

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A Medal Tally of Olympic Proportions

Adelaide Hills highly acclaimed Sidewood Estate has been honoured with an outstanding number of medals at recent awards events including the most awarded medals to any Australian wine producer by the International Wine Guide.

International Wine Guide Awards

> GREAT GOLD – 2013 Mappinga Shiraz (trophy equivalent)

> GOLD – 2013 Sidewood Chloe Cuvee

> GOLD – 2015 Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc

> GOLD – 2015 Sidewood Chardonnay

> GOLD – 2015 Sidewood Pinot Noir

> GOLD – 2014 Sidewood Shiraz

> GOLD – 2014 Mappinga Sauvignon Blanc

> GOLD – 2015 Mappinga Fume Blanc (renamed Mappinga Sauvignon Blanc)

Sidewood’s 2013 Mappinga Shiraz was the only Shiraz to receive this highest accolade at the event and brings the wine’s international Trophy tally to four with the other three being

> Decanter 2015 Best Rhone Varietal Over £15

> IWC London 2016 Best South Australian Shiraz

> IWC London 2016 Best Adelaide Hills Shiraz

Melbourne International Wine Competition

Sidewood also picked up two gold medals at the recent Melbourne International Wine competition.

> GOLD – 2015 Sidewood Pinot Gris

> GOLD – 2016 Stable Hill Palomino Pinot Grigio

In further exciting news, on the back of its most successful year to date in terms of awards and new distribution markets comes early signs that this coming 12 months for Sidewood will be as good if not better!

Cairns Wine Show

The first release of the new vintage 2015 Sidewood Estate Chardonnay, made by Darryl Catlin and entered into the Cairns Show
Wine Awards , the first event  on the Australian wine show calendar, was awarded the Trophy for Best Chardonnay with judges making comment on its ‘amazing freshness, brightness of fruit, vitality, complexity and balance’.

> TROPHY – 2015 Sidewood Chardonnay

> GOLD – 2015 Sidewood Chardonnay

“The signs are that this forthcoming vintage will be superb from what I’ve seen and sampled thus far, I’m excited to see it released and share it with wine lovers the world over” said Sidewood’s Owen Inglis.

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A Life In Wine: Wine Tours For Dummies

160727-Seth-About-the-AuthorWelcome to our new Life In Wine segment where the people that you’ve been introduced to in their profile Behind The Wine will give you a guest blog post about Life Behind The Wine!

This week our Cellar Door Manager, Seth Piszczuk brings his dry sense of humour to his tongue in cheek guide on how to get the most out of your Wine Tasting just in time for Winter Reds this weekend. Check back tomorrow as we continue our Winter Reds guide when our Communications Manager, Philippa (Flip) gives her Winter Reds essentials and what to wear this Winter Reds!

Wine Tours For Dummies

Wine tours are awesome! A great day out with friends taking in the sights and enjoying a few wines (in moderation of course…). If that’s all you’re after, then power to you, no need to read on. But if you want to get a bit more out of the day, then here’s a few rookie mistakes to avoid.

1. You need to be able to taste

This may seem a little obvious… But… If you’re still chewing a wad of gum when the first wine is pouring, you’re not going to be able to appreciate the wine fully. Same goes for toothpaste. Freshen up your breath AFTER trying wines or bring a water bottle so you can rinse a bit (and stay hydrated throughout the day). Most wine tastings will start with something very dry, toothpaste will make even the best dry bubbles taste pretty ordinary!

2. You need to be able to smell

A great deal of our impression of a wine’s flavour actually comes from our sense of smell (via the olfactory bulbs if you want to sound technical). So, that really nice perfume or deodorant you’ve lathered yourself in to make yourself smell nice all day? That’s what you’re going to taste… it’s also what everyone who is with is going to taste too! Keep the odours down, smell the wine!

3. You don’t need to be an expert

A wine tasting can be daunting, sometimes there’s a few real experts in the room who throw out some crazy vocabulary that you’ve got no idea about. Don’t be afraid to not know things. Ask questions. Really, that’s what we’re here for. To help you learn about the wines and hopefully enjoy them more. Ask away any questions you have. It’s a lot more fun for us behind the counter when people ask questions (even if they think they’re silly) than when they sit back and say nothing in the effort to not look stupid. You’ll be closer to an expert by the end of the tasting than when you started!

4. The less preconception the better!

“I don’t like X”. This is boring. A grape variety is only one small part of what makes a wine. Most varietals can be made into a whole host of styles. Region, viticulture and winemaking are going to contribute a whole lot more to the wine than simply the name of the grape so try to avoid deciding in advance what you’re going to like or dislike. This is the great thing about a wine tasting, you actually get to try things and really find out what you enjoy. If you hate it, spit it out, but give everything offered a try. You might find a new favourite!

 Seth seth-3 seth-2



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Behind The Wine: A Text Interview With Seth Piszczuk

Untitled-16Welcome to our new Behind The Wine series where I will introduce you to the people behind the brand that get Sidewood from the vine to your wine. Please enjoy the first blog post in this series when I managed to catch up via text with our Cellar Door Manager, Seth Piszczuk in between customers on a busy Friday afternoon.

Managing the cellar door space and face to face marketing, Seth’s been selling Sidewood and stroking that beard at Sidewood Wines since 2014. As our resident walking encyclopedia of all things wine, Seth’s thirst for knowledge is fueled by his passion for sharing and narrating the Sidewood stories behind the wine you may have heard small excerpts of at the Cellar Door.

As well as spending time with his young family, Seth lives for Metal and Punk Rock, Martial Arts and Chardonnay and is responsible for the growing list of staff at Maximilian’s addiction to Pokemon Go!

Enjoy the text interview* and check back on Wednesday to enjoy Seth’s blog post on how you can get the most out of your Cellar Door experience that will be filled with tips and humour from the Cellar Door just in time for Winter Reds!



*Due to the nature of IPhone Messaging please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

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Food & Wine: Super Quick Peking Duck Pancakes with Plum Sauce Recipe

WINE MATCH:160712-Pinot-Noir


  • Serves 10
  • 5 minutes to prep


  • Peking Duck Chinese Pancake Kit (The Luv-A-Duck kit available from Supermarkets includes 360g Roasted Peking Duck Legs, 10 Chinese Pancakes & Hoison Sauce)
  • 380g Ready Roasted Fresh Duck fillets (Heat and serve)
  • 80g Hoisin Sauce
  • 80g Plum Sauce
  • 1 Spring Onion (Cut into 6cm lengths)
  • 1 Fresh Cucumber (Cut into 6cm lengths)


  1. Cook the duck using either of the below methods,
  • Frying pan: Cook the duck skin side down in a frying pan on a medium-high heat until it turns golden brown which should take approximately 10 minutes. Simply then turn it over and cook for 5 an additional minutes then remove.
  • Microwave:  Microwave the ready roasted duck fillets and legs on high for 3 ½ minutes.
  1. Slice meat off the bone.
  1. Empty hoisin sauce and plum sauce into a small dish and mix.
  1. Microwave pancakes for 1 minute.
  1. Arrange items separately on a platter for everyone to construct their own.
  1. Smear each warm pancake with the Hoisin and Plum sauce.
  1. Add a slice of warm duck and some of the chopped spring onion and cucumber.
  1. Roll up and enjoy.


Any pancakes left over can be wrapped in foil and refrigerated up to three days.



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Sidewood partners with The GreyZone

Sidewood Estate are pleased to announce their latest partnership with The GreyZone.

The GreyZone is the South Australian distributor of Mondraker bikes, and are all about creating opportunities for racers who are passionate about the sport of downhill & enduro mountain bike racing.

Having only been founded in June 2014 the future looks bright for The GreyZone with Sidewood Estate looking forward to supporting their Development Team on a local and national platform as their brand continues to grow.

Owner, Owen Inglis welcomed the addition to the Sidewood Community Programs portfolio,

“At Sidewood Estate we’re strong believers in giving back and supporting our region which we believe makes us more than just a winery. Through our Community Program we have a history of forming lasting relationships and supporting communities in the wide range of different fields in which we operate.

“With their focus on promoting healthy and active lifestyles and also having such a presence in the Adelaide Hills community sponsoring The GreyZone was an easy choice for Sidewood.”

“Having Sidewood Estate as a partner of The GreyZone is an exciting opportunity for us as a brand and as a team. To have support from such a well – respected and established company is very promising for the future of the GreyZone and the plans we have in place” said The GreyZone Manager, Nathan.

Please join us in welcoming The GreyZone to the Sidewood family.

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King of the Hills – More for Mappinga

Sidewood’s 2013 Mappinga Shiraz has further cemented its place as one of the world’s finest wines with The International Wine Challenge (IWC) in London this week awarding it two Trophies for Best Regional Shiraz, Adelaide Hills and Best Regional Shiraz, South Australia

The IWC is generally accepted as the world’s finest and most meticulously judged wine competition.  Every entry is blind tested assessed for its faithfulness to style, region and vintage. A rigorous judging process sees each medal-winning wine being tasted on three separate occasions by at least 10 different judges.

These two new trophies add to the global recognition received for the 2013 Mappinga Shiraz (of which less than 1000 dozen was produced). It has also been awarded arguably the world’s greatest accolade, The 2015 Decanter International Trophy for “Best Rhone Varietal over £15.00”. Gold medals were received from the Royal Hobart Wine Show, The San Francisco International Wine Show, and the San Diego Wine Makers Challenge.  It was also afforded 97 points by James Halliday.

Sidewood owner Owen Inglis said “this is a great result for Sidewood.  We’re a relatively young and small winery with an ever strengthening reputation for being one of the world’s top producers of super premium Shiraz.  To be officially recognised by both the IWC and Decanter the two largest and most influential shows in the world is sensational for both Sidewood and the Adelaide Hills.

“Our greatest issue with our Shiraz has been our inability to meet demand, and to this end, we’ve recently purchased a further 25 hectares of land and doubled the production capability at our winery.”

Sidewood entered two wines in to the IWC competition, in addition to the Mappinga Shiraz, their entry for the Sidewood 2015 Sauvignon Blanc was awarded a silver medal – the highest medal provided to any Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc. This wine has also been widely recognised with Gold Medals being received from The Royal Melbourne Wine Competition, Mundus Vini in Germany and Catavinum in Spain.  It has a 95 point score from James Halliday

A 2014 Mappinga Shiraz was not produced, the 2015 vintage is due for release in mid 2017.


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Maximilians, Saturday, winery, wines, adelaide hills

Maximilians / Sidewood Cellar Door Saturday’s – 9 April 2016

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Food & Wine Pairing – Pan Seared Tommy Ruff


Pan Seared SA Tommy Ruff, Celeriac Remoulade, Chorizo, Soft Herbs


12 Tommy Ruff fillets
1 celeriac
1 teaspoon whole grain mustard
3 tbl spoons whole egg mayonnaise
1 lemon (zest and juice)
1 Hahndorf chorizo
100ml olive oil
100g soft Butter
2 tbl spoons of brined capers
2 Granny Smith apples
½ Bunch of chervil, picked
2x Single Radish, very thinly sliced
1x bunch of Parsley


Peel the celeriac and slice into thin matchsticks. Place in a bowl and add the mayonnaise, whole grain mustard and the zest of the lemon. Season with salt and pepper.

Finely dice the chorizo and place in a bowl. Set aside

Slice the apple from the core but leave the skin on. Cut into thin match sticks as per celeriac and transfer into a bowl. Add picked chervil and a pinch of parsley. Add 1 x teaspoon each of olive oil and lemon juice and mix well, set aside.

Add the chorizo and capers into a hot fry pan with remaining olive oil. Fry until crispy and so the oil has a smoky flavour to it from the chorizo. Pour into a bowl.

Season both sides of the Tommy fillets with salt.  Return the same fry pan to a medium to high heat and add butter. Sear the fillets skin side down for 1 minute. Turn the fillets and remove from the heat. Place the fillets on a warm plate skin side up. 


Spoon 2 x Tablespoon of Celeriac remoulade on the bottom of each plate with the Tommy ruffs placed delicately on top. Top with the apple and herbs. Drizzle the fried chorizo and capers on top and around the plate, making sure you also use that beautiful smoky oil.

 Tommy Ruff SW MAPP SAB 2012

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Sidewood Cellar Door Saturday’s – 2 April 2016

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Announcing the Sidewood Grape Expectations Range – April Fools

Sidewood Estate has today announced the Sidewood “Grape Expectations” range, a new highly innovative product line that is expected to change the wine industry forever.

Working with some of the world’s top Fruiticulturalists, Sidewood’s science team and viticuluralists have been working for months on the world’s first wine infused grape after discovering an enzyme in the fruits skin called BS14d that once activated is able to hold alcohol without the skin disintegrating.

The inaugural varietal launched today is the Sidewood Pinot Gris grape.  Sidewood  hopes to extend the range to include other varietals by the end of the year and include cider infused apples.

Vineyard Owner, Owen Inglis believes the move is going to place Sidewood Estate a step ahead in the wine game,

“Having wine infused grapes as a product of Sidewood was never something we thought would be a possibility or was even on our radar.   After ‘stumbling’ across the discovery of the enzyme by accident during a standard product quality analysis we thought it would be silly not to investigate the possibility of the product further” he said.

The “Grape Expectations” range can be frozen and taken to picnics or to simply add more flavour to a summer punch or fruit salad. Available in packages of 24 retailing for $9.95, the product is available exclusively from the Cellar Door and the online store.



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Sidewood Estate

Sidewood celebrates Easter at Oakbank

Some familiar faces, sponsors, corporates, staff and guests of Sidewood Estate embraced South Australian Easter Monday traditions and headed up to Oakbank to enjoy the fun of the Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival. As well as pouring at the event as sponsors of Oakbank, Sidewood Estate hosted a marquee with 60 guests who treated to Sidewood Estate wines and food catered by local business, Food Man Chew. Guests were able to get hair and make up touch ups by local hair and make up business, Make Up by TJ throughout the day in the marquee while they enjoyed the races and festivities of the day.

See gallery below:

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Food & Wine Pairing – Orange Sesame Baked Salmon

Wine Pairing

Orange Sesame Baked Salmon 

  • Prep time: 8 minutes
  • Cook time: 20 minutes
  • Total time: 28 minutes


  • 4 Salmon Fillets
  • 1 Tbsp of Fresh Coriander or Chopped Chives
  • 1 Tsp Freshly Grated Ginger
  • 2 Cloves Minced Garlic
  • 3 Tbsp Honey
  • 3 Tbsp Soy Sauce
  • 2 Tbsp Orange Juice, Pure
  • ½ Tsp of Hot Chilli Sauce
  • Toasted Sesame Seeds for Topping
  • 1 Tbsp Sesame Oil


  1. Heat oven to 200°C.
  2. In a small bowl whisk together honey, soy sauce, orange juice, rice vinegar, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, hot sauce and pepper
  3. Place each salmon fillet skin side down on individual sheets of foil prepared on a tray and make a few cuts in the salmon fillet (to allow the sauce to infuse the fillet).
  4. Brush or spoon the glaze over each fillet and wrap all sides of the foil to cover the fillet and seal closed. Repeat with all fillets.
  5. Place the tray into the oven and cook for 12 minutes for rare or 17 minutes for medium.
  6. Open the foil and spoon extra sauce over salmon and place back in oven with foil open for 2 minutes
  7. Serve immediately with fresh coriander or chives and sesame seeds if desired.






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Best International Rhone Varietal £15

The world’s biggest wine show, the Decanter World Wine Awards has named Adelaide Hills based Sidewood Estate’s 2013 Mappinga Reserve Shiraz, Best International Rhone Varietal over £15.

Download Press Release (PDF)

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Sidewood Estate – Orchards to Trophy within months!

Within six months of the initial release SIDEWOOD APPLE CIDER was awarded CHAMPION SOUTH AUSTRALIAN EXHIBIT and received ‘The Winequip Trophy’ from the 2014 Royal Adelaide Show Cider Competition.

[Download Press Release]

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The 2K Golf Challenge!

The first of FIVE $2,000 prizes was won over the June long weekend. Over 800 SWINGERS have taken the challenge to land a hole-in-one and earn the title of a SIDEWOOD CHAMPION!

[Download Press Release]

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Sidewood Estate – The next big step!

Sidewood Estate are proud to announce that we have purchased the ADELAIDE HILLS WINERY in Nairne.

[Download Press Release]

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Sidewood Estate — Seeing Double

Sidewood Estate is thrilled to announce that we have WON two TROPHIES at the 2013 Adelaide Hills Wine Show!

[Download Press Release]

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Sidewood Scores Another Trophy

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