Announcing the Sidewood Grape Expectations Range – April Fools

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Sidewood Estate has today announced the Sidewood “Grape Expectations” range, a new highly innovative product line that is expected to change the wine industry forever.

Working with some of the world’s top Fruiticulturalists, Sidewood’s science team and viticuluralists have been working for months on the world’s first wine infused grape after discovering an enzyme in the fruits skin called BS14d that once activated is able to hold alcohol without the skin disintegrating.

The inaugural varietal launched today is the Sidewood Pinot Gris grape.  Sidewood  hopes to extend the range to include other varietals by the end of the year and include cider infused apples.

Vineyard Owner, Owen Inglis believes the move is going to place Sidewood Estate a step ahead in the wine game,

“Having wine infused grapes as a product of Sidewood was never something we thought would be a possibility or was even on our radar.   After ‘stumbling’ across the discovery of the enzyme by accident during a standard product quality analysis we thought it would be silly not to investigate the possibility of the product further” he said.

The “Grape Expectations” range can be frozen and taken to picnics or to simply add more flavour to a summer punch or fruit salad. Available in packages of 24 retailing for $9.95, the product is available exclusively from the Cellar Door and the online store.

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