Sidewood Apple Cider Mimosa

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This Sidewood Apple Cider Mimosa recipe is the perfect combination of sweet, tart and fizz and has the simplicity and elegance of the perfect cocktail.

While I am partial to the more traditional Sparkling Orange Juice Mimosa, who doesn’t love a twist on a classic? The fact Sidewood Apple Cider has no added sugar and isn’t from concentrate means I don’t even feel guilty rimming the glass in brown sugar like I’m frosting a cake.

This super quick and easy combo is the cocktail of my dreams as it makes me look somewhat capable in the kitchen at something other than burning calories (pizza, tacos, gravy, croissants – you name it I burn it) with minimal effort or risk to those around me.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

1 x Plate of Brown Sugar
4 x Apple Slices
2 x Bottles of chilled Sidewood Apple Cider
½ x Bottle of chilled Stable Hill Bucks Fizz Sparkling
1 x Bowl of Water
4 x Flutes



Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Step One: Dip flute’s rim in bowl of water or dampen it using a wet cloth.












Step Two: Tip flute upside down into plate of brown sugar and turn so the sugar coats the rim of the glass.






Step Three: Fill half the glass with Sidewood Apple Cider.






Step Four: Fill half the glass with Bucks Fizz Sparkling.






Step Five: Garnish with an apple slice.






Step Six: Enjoy!


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