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Philippa Danson, Communications Manager

Sidewood Estate is raising a glass to becoming the largest sustainable winery in the Adelaide Hills after receiving full Entwine Accreditation (Environmental Viticulture) for all four of their vineyards making them 100% sustainable as of this week.

The accreditation through the Australian Research Institute and Freshcare is a reflection of Sidewood’s dedication and commitment to sustainable practices across their entire vineyard portfolio. It comes only one week after the winery announced they were switching to solar energy at their Nairne Winery which will save 2,214 MT of carbon emissions over the lifetime of the system (15 years).

Entwine Australia was set up to support growers and winemakers in demonstrating and improving the sustainability of their business through the Australian wine industry’s sustainability program.

“Securing Entwine Australia membership has been a long but highly worthwhile process that enables us to provide a guarantee to our customers and suppliers that an industry recognised environmental assurance program has been followed whilst growing our product.” said Sidewood’s Owner, Owen Inglis last week.

Achieving the Entwine accreditation though the Environmental Viticulture option, Sidewood was assessed and audited on categories including land and soil, chemicals, fertilisers and soil additives, water, biodiversity, waste, air, energy, fuel, and the measures taken to protect the surrounding environment and natural resources.

Preparing to achieve full accreditation started several years ago with many different changes occurring at the vineyards to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly winery. Becoming solar powered is part of a $3.5m expansion project at their Nairne Winery. With the support of an $856,000 grant from the Government of South Australia’s Regional Development Fund through Primary Industries and Regions SA, Sidewood is flicking the switch on a 100kw solar system that will provide over 50% of the facility’s annual consumption.

Read more about Sidewood’s sustainable practices by clicking here.


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