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Local Adelaide Hills resident, Jaimee began with Sidewood part-time in the office in 2017 before moving into a full-time Administration Assistant position. After taking a small break from the business she returned to Sidewood during Vintage 2018 at the winery in Nairne before returning to the office full-time as the Logistics and Wine Club Co-ordinator in April this year.

With August Wine Club Allocations going out to Members this week we caught up with Logistics and Wine Club Co-ordinator, Jaimee Horn to learn more about the Wine Club and her role with Sidewood.

What is your role with Sidewood?

My role with Sidewood is Logistics & Wine Club Co-Ordinator

What does your typical day look like?

My typical day involves checking the enquiries email and communicating with Wine Club members. Prepping documents for export, and organising national distribution orders.

What’s your background and how did you come to work at Sidewood?

I began working in the Cellar Door of another local Adelaide Hills winery then started working as a stablehand/trackrider for a local racehorse trainer. I worked there in the mornings while attending school through year 11 and 12. I then started doing some admin work for Sidewood on my holidays and that’s how it all started.

Outside of wine, what are your interests?

Outside of wine you will find me either out with my horses, on my motorbike or four-wheel driving with my boyfriend and his mates. I am also doing pole fitness, which has been amazing for improving my upper-body strength. I hope to compete next year if I can stop injuring myself!

It’s allocation week this week, how many bottles of wine will be you be sending out?

With 313 members due for an allocation this August, I will be packing up and sending out around 1,800 bottles of wine.

What’s the process of allocation week?

The process begins the week before by notifying members that we are about to begin processing to give them a chance to make any changes to their allocation. The first full week of the month, I will batch process allocations and print off packing slips. After that comes the gruelling part of invoicing every order through EZY, which is the most time-consuming part (except for packing the 300+ 6pks of wine of course!). After that labels are printed up, and wine is packed and dispatched.

Favourite Sidewood wine at the moment?

My favourite Sidewood wine at the moment is our 2015 Mappinga Shiraz. The beautiful, refined dark fruity flavours are a soft spot for me, and I love that the wine is still more of a medium body than a big huge red you’d get from the Barossa. But when the weather decides to heat-up I can’t go past our Pinot Blanc; crisp and dry yet still a very complex and textural wine.

What is the last photo you took at the winery on your phone? Please post and explain it

The last photo from working Vintage at the winery I took on my phone was just after I got stung by a bee on my forearm. The swelling in the photo is about the size of a pea, however ended up travelling over my whole lower arm – I didn’t have any definition in my wrist or elbow for about a week.

Where do you want to be in five years?

In five years I would hope to be still at Sidewood while running my own thoroughbred breaking and retraining business on the side. Horses have always been my passion and if I could be working with them for the rest of my life, I would be extremely grateful.

What’s in store for the Wine Club this year?

This year is going to see a huge revamp to our Wine Club system – we have a big surprise in store for members which will improve usability via the Member Portal and streamline the allocation process. I can’t wait to share with our Members what we have been working on, and a few exciting new vintage releases coming your way shortly!

To learn more about the Sidewood Wine Club, please click here.

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