3 Pinot Noir’s to drink this Autumn

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Which wine best showcases the vibrancy and changing colours of Autumn? Subtle changing colours, vast differences across even just one patch of foliage… Our answer? Pinot Noir!

Sidewood Estate Pinot Noir has been a cult-favourite for years, so much so that for the past few years it hasn’t even been available at our cellar door as the demand was too strong!

We are ecstatic to announce the release of the 2017 vintage of this outstanding wine. Comprised of a blend of four different clones of Pinot Noir from our Oakbank Estate. This wine represents a harmonious blend of dark berry driven fruit and earthy forest floor, an absolute crowd pleaser and amazing value amongst what is normally a high priced wine style.

We mentioned the Estate Pinot Noir is a blend of different clones, these being Oberlin, Abel, MV6 and 777. Clones are variations of a particular grape varietal, natural mutations that are recognised for their unique qualities which are then ‘cloned’ by taking cuttings from the parent vine.

Cellar door regulars will be well familiar with our limited release 777 Pinot Noir, celebrating this single clone in all it’s savoury glory.

Well brace yourself, as we’re now unveiling the newest signature wine to Sidewood’s ranks, the single clone ‘Abel’ Pinot Noir. The ‘Abel’, otherwise known as ‘Gumboot’ clone is the stuff of legend. Clandestine cuttings taken from the most prestigious vineyard in Burgundy, smuggled via  gumboot into New Zealand where they were confiscated by customs officer Malcolm ‘Abel’…. Mystery surrounds how this clone then ended up in Mr. Abel’s award winning vineyard!

Sidewood Estate is the home of the first South Australian plantings of this mythical clone, and now it’s yours to taste!

Pop into the cellar door to experience the different shades of Pinot Noir ASAP! Book in for a tasting now here. 



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