Sidewood Welcomes MasterChef to the Family

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Sidewood is excited to welcome MasterChef Contestants, Eloise Praino, Samuel Whitehead and Adam Mizzi to the Sidewood family. As Ambassadors of Sidewood, Eloise, Sam and Adam will treating us with Sidewood matched recipes and hosted table at The Battle of Sidewood vs The World Winter Reds Wine Degustation in July.

We quizzed them about all things food and wine below:

What’s your favourite Sidewood varietal?

Eloise: “The Isabella Rose Sparkling is lovely and fresh, the ideal reprieve from the dark, gloomy days of winter. The refreshing strawberry and peach tones taste like sunshine and are perfect to enjoy with roasted fruits and a dollop of cream.”

Adam: Sidewood’s Mappinga Chardonnay has awesome citrus flavours that paired with a Creamy Pasta or warming Butter Chicken are a great match!  Complex, fresh with good refined acidity, a wine of this level could even go magic alone with a triple brie and crackers!”

Sam: “The Mappinga Shiraz is a beauty! I cracked it open at my last family dinner. It pairs extremely well with duck, a good quality hard cheese or some cheeky dark choccy. An intense yet refined shiraz, very enjoyable.”

Why support Sidewood?

Eloise: “I am a big fan of supporting top quality, local produce and we are so lucky to have Sidewood just in the Adelaide Hills producing some amazing wines and in such a beautiful location.  I love anything food and wine so it will be great to have a chat with some like-minded people, enjoy a beautiful dinner and learn a bit more about wine!”

Sam: “Growing up in the Adelaide Hills I have a soft spot for great local products. I look forward to learning a little but more from the experts at Sidewood about the complementary relationship between certain Adelaide hills wines and particular ingredients.”

Adam: “As a big fan of Adelaide Hill’s wine – and supporter of all things South Australian – I’m excited to be involved with Sidewood’s Winter Reds Competition! Not only to enjoy some of my favourite wines, but to see what creative food a great Chef pairs with the latest SIDEWOOD Vintage!”

What dish are you going to share with us?

Sam: “Mappinga Shiraz paired Kangaroo with native flavours”

Adam: “Fettucine Carbonara paired with Mappinga Chardonnay”

Eloise: “Roasted peaches with Isabella Rose’ Sparkling Jelly”

What’s next for you! 

Eloise: “I will be launching my desserts business, Burning Pirate Ship Sweets & Treats (instagram @burningpirateship) in the coming weeks, which is very exciting.”

Sam: “I am currently putting a lot of energy into my small business “Gut Feeling Fermentation” (@gutfeelingfermenation) We specialise in local, organic vegetable ferments like sauerkraut, kimchi and gerkins. I am also running workshops, introducing people to the possibilities of fermenting their own vegetables.”

Adam: “Running events and curating the co-working community at WOTSO WorkSpace Adelaide (@WOTSOWorkSpace), we’re about to launch a cafe in the building called First Order Coffee (@firstordercoffee). Exciting times ahead!”

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