5 Reasons You Should Drink Rosé Year Round

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With more than 302,000 photos tagged with #RoseAllDay on Instagram it’s clear to see Rosé is having its moment in the spotlight as one of the most fashionable varietals in the market and is celebrated annually on the second Saturday in June.

Rosé in French means pink and is simply a category of wine. Typically made from red grapes like our 2017 Tempranillo, did you know the depth of the pink colour of Rosé wine is dependent on the time the grape skin spends in contact with its juice? Rosé can be still or sparkling like our 2013 Isabella Rosé Sparkling, sweet or dry and you may even find some wines like our 2011 Sidewood Late Disgorged Isabella Rosé called ‘blush’.

In honour of International Rosé Day we’ve put together our top five reasons you should drink pink all year round.

REASON ONE | Drink it right NOW!

Sidewood’s 2017 Tempranillo Rosé is released when its meant to be consumed so there is no need to cellar it and as a rule of thumb, the younger the vintage, the crisper the taste.

Why not treat Rosé like a Pinot Noir and enjoy it in a red wine glass at a cool room temperature over Winter? Enjoying it a little warmer will release more flavours in the wine.

REASON TWO | It’s incredibly versatile

With the structure of white and aromatics of red, Rosé is incredibly versatile. You can serve it alongside everything from grilled meats and pizza to salads and seafood.

Check out our blog on how to perfectly pair Rosé with chocolate by clicking here.

REASON THREE | It’s good for your health

With only approximately 82 calories per glass, Rosé wine is relatively low in calories so won’t impact your diet.

According to research conducted by, Rosé consumption raises good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke, contains potassium that lowers blood pressure, protects against inflammation and contains resveratrol which is an antioxidant that protects against cancer (pass us a glass!).

REASON FOUR | It’s great in a cocktail

Have you ever enjoyed Rosé with Whiskey? Tequila or even had it Mulled? We all know Rosé dominates as an ingredient in some of the best Summer cocktails out there, but did you know there are also some delicious Winter style options too? Check some out by clicking here.  

REASON FIVE | It’s great in food too

We know Rosé is great to drink but did you know it’s also delicious to cook with too? Try it in Winter warming dishes like steamed mussels and light lamb stew – check out the recipes and learn some other great tips about cooking with Rosé to get you started by clicking here.

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