Father’s Day BBQ and Wine Pairings

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Nothing screams Father’s Day more than having a family BBQ to celebrate the Dad in your life.  In a toast to Dad’s everywhere we’ve put together the perfect pairings to accompany the BBQ classics to help make your day with Dad memorable.

Burgers and Shiraz

Shiraz and beef always go well together, the burger pictured here with beetroot and spicy sauce draw parallels with the full range of flavours offered in our 2016 Estate Shiraz.

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Corn and Chardonnay

Who doesn’t love slathering char-grilled corn with butter and salt? A Chardonnay like our 2016 Estate is a must try with this BBQ classic, it has the power to stand up to the lathering of salt and its acidity provides the purity needed to cut through the butter.

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Sausages and Rosé

It’s a big misconception that sausages should only be paired with big heavy reds. What about pairing your snag with a Rosé like our Estate Tempranillo? Going with something low on tannins and high acidity levels cut through the fat, while minerality will enhance the salt and savoury characters in the meat. Like Pinot Noir, Rosé can pair with a wide variety of dishes from seafood to grilled pork. With a good amount of acidity, touch of sweetness and forward strawberry, watermelon and citrus flavours, the varietal is a great match to pork, beef and lamb sausages.

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Pinot Noir and Lamb Chops

Lamb is one of the most rustic foods around and is often cooked to enhance the deep character of the meat meaning it demands a wine that can stand up to any potential flavour combination. Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile food-friendly wine options out there and provides a great pair to lamb. The acidity and bright notes in the varietal balance out the intense flavours of the lamb.

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Steak and Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon

A full-bodied red wine with sufficient tannin structure and oak balance is crucial to pairing wine with a traditional BBQ steak. As a rule of thumb the fattier the meat the high the tannin content of the wine to act as a natural palate cleanser to cut through the fat and oil of the meat. Try your next steak with our Stable Hill Cabernet Sauvignon or Mappinga Shiraz.

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