Fashion & Wine: Your Wintery Winery Weekend Survival Guide

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Working for a winery in the Adelaide Hills and as a seasoned wine touree myself, I’ve tried, tested and observed many wine tour outfit combination wins and fails over the years. No matter how planned your wine tour is it’s always best to be equipped to tackle any situation life may throw your way with these style tips to get you through your Winter wine tour.

> Victory Loves Preparation

If there is a chance you think you will end up heading out until the early hours, it’s advisable to put that super chic’ fedora back in its hat box and hang that super expensive coat back up in your wardrobe. Trust me you’ll thank me waking up realising the only thing you’ve lost is too much money over the bar. To take your outfit from day to night, pack a dressier pair of earrings, a coloured lipstick or a change of shoes.


As the afternoon sunshine begins to warm the vines it is also the perfect time to watch those who have made bad footwear choices begin to hobble around like baby giraffes. Lots of wineries have standing tastings and soft grass so make sure you wear shoes that can handle both, there’s nothing worse than sore feet when trying to enjoy yourself!

Wear a chunky heel with some support that won’t sink into the grass or embrace the sport luxe trainer trend while it’s having its fashion moment right now. I’m loving wearing my white leather Chuck Taylor All Stars with absolutely everything at the moment from active wear to leather pants, dresses and even lace as shown in the pic from an off duty visit to Maximilian’s. Try them in palettes of white, rose gold and silver and enjoy the clouds your feet will feel like they’re stepping on all day.

> Layering

While the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills is perfect for growing grapes for wine it also means the weather is just that.. Cool. Layering your outfit is the best option to be comfortable throughout the varying temperatures on the day.

Like Sidewood at Maximilian’s, lots of wineries have outdoor areas to enjoy the breathtaking views so make sure you’re prepared for the outdoors. Keep an umbrella, scarf and jacket in the vehicle to be able to accommodate. In the past I’ve usually had a pashmina in my handbag and a jacket draped over my shoulders or a nice long overcoat I can put my arms in if things take a turn for the colder.


Wear your hair in a style like a stylish pony tail or messy beach waves to keep it low maintenance for the day. I only make the effort to tong mine if I do not see the two words and hair style mortal enemies, “wind” or “rain” in the forecast.

> Lips

Successfully maintaining a coloured lip for the duration of a wine tour is a skill that should be applauded; for the rest of us however, by 5pm our lips usually look muddy and our teeth are stained if you haven’t tended to them with Vaseline religiously. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve made the rookie mistake of drinking from my glass from a different spot on the rim meaning the lipstick that was on the glass has then extended from the corner of my mouth up my cheeks making me look like a joker with a smile that can now be seen from space.

Why not try a tinted lip balm like Maybelline’s Baby Lips Colour Lip Balm or a long wearing smudge proof lip stain like MAC’S Pro Longwear Lipcolour instead to get you through the day?

Wearing White with Caution

The first time I wore white on a Wine Tour I wore an entire glass of red wine at the first stop.  For the remainder of the day I wore a promo t-shirt kindly donated by the winery that said “Get Rooted” across the front of it.

The second time (pictured below) I did it was far more successful which is why I feel wearing white is a similar comparison to playing a game of roulette. To avoid running the gauntlet wearing white should be only advisable if you’re sipping white wine all day and remember if you’re tasting, you may also be spitting.. Darker colours are your friend.

> Practicality

Go for a low maintenance outfit, no one enjoys spending a day dealing with bathroom breaks in a jumpsuit; if in doubt denim works all year round. Don’t over complicate your outfit and wear clothes that you know you feel comfortable in so you can focus on the important things like enjoying the wine and day out with your friends.


> Skip the perfume

Last but not least avoid wearing perfume when wine tasting as it overwhelms your sense of smell.. and everyone around you meaning that you won’t be able to fully enjoy the aromas of the wines.

> Some of my previous day drinking ensembles

From the coloured lip (my first and last attempt at a bold lip while day drinking) and wearing white (drinking only white), to trainers or jeans and a blazer, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident because each tour will be different!


Finally don’t forget to consult and coordinate with your friends (that’s all part of the fun of course!) and tell the guys in your group they aren’t an exception and should step up to the style plate too but most importantly enjoy your Winter wine tour!

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