Fashion & Wine: The Fashion of Winter Reds

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Winter Reds at Sidewood at Maximilian’s this year was bumper to bumper with what felt like the entire attractive population of Adelaide at the venue enjoying the festivities of the weekend. The fashion’s definitely didn’t disappoint (neither did the wine) with a mixed bag of trends and seasons (Yes, I mean Summer and Winter) being seen over the two days.

For me the best dressed males of the weekend were those wearing the Men’s Wine Tour Starter Kit. Being slightly pessimistic
I tend to roll my eyes when I see men donning the gentlemen for a day kit on wine tours now, as their behaviour is usually far from it. Thank you for restoring some faith in me this weekend gents. It was great to see the guys who genuinely embody that style more than one day a year not get lost in a crowd and all the other guys trying something different for a change.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, the Men’s Wine Tour Starter Kit includes an open neck button down shirt, a blazer (usually blue) a pair of cino’s and a mandatory pocket square. You’ve probably seen it at Sea and Vines where the entire male population year in year out descends on McLaren Vale like an army wearing the kit like a uniform. The look gets so over saturated it makes trying to locate your boyfriend in the crowd like playing Where’s Wally.


The girls were an eclectic mix, with many donning comfy shoes and chunky jumpers and coats to sensibly combat the cold. The fashionista’s put together winters hottest (and not so practical) trends with the greatest of ease. To the girls who braved the weather in summery dresses thank you for giving us hope that summer does still exist and it’s not too far away.

Below are my five favourite looks from the weekend and please click here if you missed last week’s guide on how to dress for a Winter Wine Tour! Congratulations to Michaela Manser (below) she’s won a Sidewood wine pack as our best dressed Winter Reds fashionista!









Michaela Manser
Instagram: @michaelamanser
Dress: Alice in The Eve
Jacket: The Fifth Label
Shoes: Wanted









Riley Farrand’Harett from Malvern
Instagram: @rileyfharbutt
Culottes: Run Cinta Run
Top: Cotton On
Bandana: Myer
Bag: General Pants









Courtney Bain
Instagram: @_courtneybain
Skirt: Premonition
Bodysuit: Bardot









Alison Cunningham
Instagram: @allison_cunningham
Dress: Zara
Headpiece: Zara
Scarf: Sportsgirl









Raji Kaur
Instagram: Raji_Kaur
Playsuit: Alice McCall

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