AFL Grand Final Day Pairings: Team Red v Team White

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AFL Grand Final is an iconic sacred day for most Australians. It’s a day usually best spent with friends watching the game while usually overindulging in great wine and food.

In the spirit of the big game, we’ve put together your perfect game day wine and food pairings. In a battle of Team White Vs Team Red, we’ve got you covered with the perfect selections to impress your guests.

No matter the winner, the day should be celebrated so start your day off with a toast of sparkling like Chloe Cuvee before the first siren. With a blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot, this sparkling wine has wonderful lifted notes of toasty brioche aromas enhanced by green fruits and zesty citrus characters. Its palate of racy, balanced acidity, flavours of citrus, biscotti and green apple complement the slaty, minerality and soft creamy mousse making it the perfect choice to cut through greasy food like fried chicken, French fries or even pizza!


Team Red

We’re talking big, bold flavours of our Estate or Mappinga Shiraz – they both go perfectly with hamburgers, potato skins and steak on the BBQ.  A full-bodied red wine with sufficient tannin structure and oak balance are crucial to pairing wine with a traditional BBQ steak. As a rule of thumb the fattier the meat the high the tannin content of the wine to act as a natural palate cleanser to cut through the fat and oil of the meat.

For something a little lighter but still, in the same category try our Estate Tempranillo Rose’ with sausages or to stay safe choose one of our Sidewood Pinot Noir’s – the varietal will go with just about anything on your menu!

Team White

Stick with sparkling Crisp whites like our Sauvignon Blanc go great with light appetizers like guacamole or spinach dip and cuts through the fat in fried chicken.

Is popcorn on your menu for Saturday? Grab a Chardonnay like our award-winning Estate. Chardonnay has the power to stand up to the salt and its acidity provides the purity needed to cut through the butter.

Are you more of a sweet tooth and tend to reach for the lollies during a tense game? Try skittles with our Sauvignon Blanc! The zesty citrus of the wine brings out the flavours in the skittles without over-powering it. The tart acidity highlights the sour flavours and balances the sweet.


Check out this great game day pairing chart from Vinepair 

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