A Life In Wine: Wine Tours For Dummies

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Welcome to our new Life In Wine segment where the people that you’ve been introduced to in their profile Behind The Wine will give you a guest blog post about Life Behind The Wine!

This week our Cellar Door Manager, Seth Piszczuk brings his dry sense of humour to his tongue in cheek guide on how to get the most out of your Wine Tasting just in time for Winter Reds this weekend. Check back tomorrow as we continue our Winter Reds guide when our Communications Manager, Philippa (Flip) gives her Winter Reds essentials and what to wear this Winter Reds!

Wine Tours For Dummies

Wine tours are awesome! A great day out with friends taking in the sights and enjoying a few wines (in moderation of course…). If that’s all you’re after, then power to you, no need to read on. But if you want to get a bit more out of the day, then here’s a few rookie mistakes to avoid.

1. You need to be able to taste

This may seem a little obvious… But… If you’re still chewing a wad of gum when the first wine is pouring, you’re not going to be able to appreciate the wine fully. Same goes for toothpaste. Freshen up your breath AFTER trying wines or bring a water bottle so you can rinse a bit (and stay hydrated throughout the day). Most wine tastings will start with something very dry, toothpaste will make even the best dry bubbles taste pretty ordinary!

2. You need to be able to smell

A great deal of our impression of a wine’s flavour actually comes from our sense of smell (via the olfactory bulbs if you want to sound technical). So, that really nice perfume or deodorant you’ve lathered yourself in to make yourself smell nice all day? That’s what you’re going to taste… it’s also what everyone who is with is going to taste too! Keep the odours down, smell the wine!

3. You don’t need to be an expert

A wine tasting can be daunting, sometimes there’s a few real experts in the room who throw out some crazy vocabulary that you’ve got no idea about. Don’t be afraid to not know things. Ask questions. Really, that’s what we’re here for. To help you learn about the wines and hopefully enjoy them more. Ask away any questions you have. It’s a lot more fun for us behind the counter when people ask questions (even if they think they’re silly) than when they sit back and say nothing in the effort to not look stupid. You’ll be closer to an expert by the end of the tasting than when you started!

4. The less preconception the better!

“I don’t like X”. This is boring. A grape variety is only one small part of what makes a wine. Most varietals can be made into a whole host of styles. Region, viticulture and winemaking are going to contribute a whole lot more to the wine than simply the name of the grape so try to avoid deciding in advance what you’re going to like or dislike. This is the great thing about a wine tasting, you actually get to try things and really find out what you enjoy. If you hate it, spit it out, but give everything offered a try. You might find a new favourite!


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