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Purchased in March 2014, Sidewood Estate’s state of the art Winery located in Nairne is the original site of Mayhem and Co wines. Under the watchful eye of Sidewood Winemaker, Darryl Catlin, the site continues to produce award winning wines including “Best Red Wine in Australia” from the 2014 International Wine Challenge.

Wine making has been around for thousands of years and is a refined synergy of art and science.

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With quality, service and results at the heart of all Darryl and his experienced team of Winemakers produce, making wine with Sidewood is easy.

Clients can choose between driving the style or work closely with Darryl and the team to guide you through the process from start to finish ensuring you are maximising the potential of your wine.

The Sidewood Winery in Nairne is a modern facility built for small to medium size batches of fruit specific to the needs of the Adelaide Hills.

The winery is equipped with:

  • A range of presses including;
    • Two airbag presses – one Bucher XP which uses Nitrogen to exclude air during the press cycle
    • Five tonne Siprem airbag.
    • Two tonne traditional basket press.
  • Three state of the art temperature controlled cool rooms.
  • A range of various sized temperate controlled stainless steel tanks as well as different sized fermenters including small open fermenters that can be plunged up and including 10 tonne closed fermenters.
  • Cutting edge cross flow filters to gently filter wine to final stages of bottling.What’s more? Sidewood has a state of the art Nitrogen Generator which can be used for all sorts of processes. It can be used from the fruit stage to the filtration stage. It is used as a gentle way to empty barrels to transferring wine.


With the introduction of Cider into Sidewood’s range, the Winery now encompasses full state of the art Cider making facilities.

The state of the art mill and processing facility means that most styles of cider making can be catered for including processing apples or your contract juice which can all be kegged on site.

Should you wish to find out any further information surrounding wine and cider contracting, please contact Darryl Catlin on +614 (08) 8188 0011.